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Kharegaon toll on Mumbai-Nasik highway to shut down from May 13, 2017

05 May 2017 / 1

Maharashtra’s oldest toll in Kharegaon will shut its operations from May 13, 2017. This tollbooth, set up in 1998, used to collect Rs 29 for a single journey for passenger cars and Rs 42.5 for return journey. The central government had issued a gazette notification in 2002, announcing the closure dates for different tollbooths.

Image used for representation purpose

Image used for representation purpose

The Kharegaon tollbooth is presently being operated by a private contractor, Ideal Road Builders (IRB), who have been authorised by the National Highway Authority of India to collect toll from commercial and passenger four-wheelers travelling from Thane to Nasik as well other roads directing towards Mumbra.

We believe the decision to shut Kharegaon toll will have a positive impact among the motorists frequenting this route. Not only will it be a free affair but will also reduce the congestion caused by the stop-go traffic. This will also help reduce fuel consumption as well as bring down pollution level around the toll areas.

Two years ago, Maharashtra government announced a toll waiver for state transport buses and cars (both personal and tourist) at 65 tollbooths across the state; 12 tollbooths had been completely shut down back then. In addition, according to a directive that was issued last year, Maharashtra government has also been working on exempting toll payment during heavy traffic. There is also a yellow line rule that exempts motorists from paying the toll if there is a congestion in traffic beyond the yellow line. However, most of the toll operators refrain from using this rule, rendering it useless in everyday conditions.

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