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KTM 390 Dukes and RC motorcycles get slipper clutch in India

18 Feb 2015 / 2

The rumours floating around on the interweb are true. KTM will introduce slipper clutch to the new batch of 390 Dukes and RC motorcycles in India. The motorcycles are expected  to be in the showrooms in about a month’s time and prices will remain unchanged. Prices of the unit have not yet been revealed but we are lead to believe that it should cost around Rs 4-5,000. KTM says that the clutch can technically be retrofitted to existing 390 Dukes and RCs as well although it hasn’t been done at this stage.

KTM RC 390 vs Duke 390 (7)

Slipper clutches essentially prevent the rear wheel from locking up during aggressive downshifts. This helps keep the motorcycle stable while entering corners at high speed or while downshifting hard during emergency braking. Slipper clutches are especially helpful with motorcycles that have lots of engine braking and it makes sense to put it in the KTM motorcycles.

The KTMs are one of the most affordable performance oriented machines in the country today. At the prices the 390 series of KTMs are sold at in India they will probably be among the most affordable motorcycles in the world to come with slipper clutches as standard fitment.

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