Exclusive: KTM considering production of its all-new 500cc and 800cc bikes in India

12 Feb 2014 / 
Executive Editor

KTM boss Stefan Pierer has told OVERDRIVE that KTM has a 500cc and 800cc parallel twin nearly ready to go which is likely to go into production in the next three years or so.

Pierer has indicated that the Austrian bike manufacturer is considering complex platforms like 500 and 800 twins for Indian production, adding that India’s high duty structure makes local manufacturing the most cost effective way to introduce motorcycles here.

Pierer said KTM is also looking at the 690 Duke for India, but while producing or assembling it here is not currently an option due to low expected volumes, importing it directly requires both homologation and high duties which raise the prospect of unviable sales.


Pierer was speaking to OVERDRIVE on the sidelines of the 2014 Auto Expo, and also confirmed that the KTM RC series, the RC 390 and RC 200,  will be launched in India mid-2014.

KTM is also working on one more product which is the off-road  platform. But Stefan said that it’s actually going to be the same engine but on a new platform with new geometry therefore it’s almost like a new motorcycle (or two). Further it’s going to be two motorcycles, one a hardcore off-roader (spanning the 200 and the 390) as well as a larger tanked adventure tourer.

BMW R nine T

He also added that KTM will bring Husqvarna  to India, but its bikes will be more like the BMW RNineT than the Duke, on which it is based.


  • Sumantra Ray

    tears of joy at para 5 :’)

  • Sumantra Ray

    tears of joy at para 5 :’)

  • Rahul Mazumder

    A 500cc twin cylinder from KTM?? Oh man, it will be lightweight and go probably some 70-80 BHP…. perfect upgrade in 3 years time!!!
    I am totally game!

  • Saini G

    bajaj chalo copy kro isko bhi :P

  • Rohit

    “Further it’s going to be two motorcycles, one a hardcore off-roader
    (spanning the 200 and the 390) as well as a larger tanked adventure
    tourer.” – Excellent, eagerly awaiting the adventure tourer hopefully it idolizes the 990 Adventure rather than 990 SM T !!!

  • Ankit Subehia

    I bet and I really hope its a 390 SMT

  • Saini G

    2014 CBR 650F inline 4 sports bike sweet exhaust sound

    maximum output of 87PS at 11,000rpm

  • Rahul Mazumder

    Hastur is 190 kg and those 80 bhp will look a little tame in the weight. I want something with a high power to weight ratio.. With a light weight bike. I love corners and weight doesnt help there.

  • Rahul Mazumder

    Too weak for an inline 4 to provide only 87 BHP. Because muliticylinder engines are heavier and they need to make a lot more power to make up for the loss. A 690 is only 150kg and 70 BHP feels strong. But will it be same on a 210 kg bike? That is why weight of the CB 650 will be important. But I am considering it. Still it doesn’t look outright sporty. More like a sports tourer. That is a turn off.

  • Samarth Singh

    Rahul, you’re right. I’m totally with you. I have a Duke 390.

    When your motorcycle has less weight, it does everything better: be it Handling, Performance, Braking, Agility, etc.
    In fact, reducing the weight is better than having bigger engines.

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