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LA Auto Show 2014: Audi Prologue concept unveiled

21 Nov 2014 / 0

At the ongoing LA Auto Show, Audi unveiled the Prologue concept designed by newly appointed head of design, Marc Lichte.

Lichte has previously designed cars like the Polo and the Passat. The Audi Prologue concept is set to be just that, a concept. However,  is modelled on the design language for future Audis like the upcoming A9. In fact, the all-new A6 as well as the A4 slotted for a 2016 launch will carry some of the styling elements from the Prologue.

Audi prologue

The latest Audi, while looking crisp, also boasts sharp lines and a new headlamp design. The goatee grille also looks stretched on the sides. The four-seater though has a neater looking cabin. A new technology that Audi refers to as ‘the butler’, seen previously in the preview of a Jaguar, detects the car’s occupants through their smartphones and accordingly adjusts temperature as well as seat configuration. When the music system is activated, a sound spoiler extends from the rear to give out the typically Audi bass.

Apart from the external design, how much of this will actually be carried forward in future Audis is still under question.

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