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Live chat with CS Santosh on March 30, 2015

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He waived the Indian tri-colour on a foreign land. He showed the world that we Indians are capable of racing with the best out there. He managed to complete one of the most gruelling rallies on earth and managed to do so on his very first attempt. He is the only Indian to have participated in and completed the Dakar. But behind every great accomplishment lies an equal or probably even greater sacrifice.

CS Santosh is determined to finish the Dakar despite a hairline fracture to the big toe on his left foot

CS Santosh finished the Dakar despite a hairline fracture on his left toe

CS Santosh has done the nation proud with this achievement. Now get a chance to chat with him, live. Discover the racer under the helmet. Find out what was it like to represent the country. Unravel his path to glory, thorned with trials and tribulations.

CS Santosh is currently ranked 42nd overall in the motorcycle category of the 2015 Dakar Rally

CS Santosh tackles the treacherous Dakar. Image courtesy: Shakedown Team

CS Santosh will be on Facebook and Twitter for an AMA( Ask Me Anything) session on March 30, 2015, between 2pm-4pm.

You can post your questions on

Also, you can Tweet your questions to @inRedBull with the hashtag #ChasingRainbows


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Dakar 2015: CS Santosh determined to finish the Dakar despite fractured toe


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