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Mercedes-Benz India appoints Roland Folger as its new MD and CEO

03 Aug 2015 / 0

Mercedes-Benz India now has a new managing director and CEO РRoland Folger joins after his stint with Mercedes-Benz Malaysia where he was CEO and president. The Mercedes-Benz veteran will assume responsibilities from October 1, 2015. He replaces Eberhard Kern, who now moves to a new role in Europe.

Folger has been a¬†part of the Mercedes team for nearly three decades. He was one of the pioneers who introduced the first M-Class in North America. He has held several positions in the sales department of Mercedes-Benz as well. Outgoing CEO, Eberhard Kern, had pioneered the company’s growth in India and has been instrumental in bringing in newer models and implementing fresh ideas for increasing sales.

Roland Folger

Roland Folger, who still holds office as¬†president and¬†CEO of Mercedes-Benz Malaysia¬†stated, ‚ÄúI have worked across various countries and cultures but have always been¬†fascinated with India as a nation. India‚Äôs rich cultural diversity, its people, their varied¬†customs, different languages, diverse topography combined with its status as a¬†rising economic power, makes it one of the most interesting markets to grow the¬†business today. I feel extremely privileged to head the operations in India, which is¬†an emerging luxury car market in which Mercedes-Benz is the fastest growing luxury¬†automotive brand. With my experience across business divisions I look forward to¬†pursue the ‚ÄėIndia story‚Äô further and make the foundation of Mercedes-Benz even¬†stronger in this dynamic country. We have one of the finest teams and dealer¬†partners on-board with us and I am eager to be part of it.‚ÄĚ

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