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Michelin launches high-performance bicycle tyres in India

31 Mar 2016 / 0

Michelin has forayed into the high-performance bicycle tyre segment in India by introducing its road range, mountain bike range and city trekking range. The entire range of tyres retail from Rs 690 to Rs 2,699.

The road range comprises of PRO4 service course, PRO4 endurance, PRO4 comp service course, Lithion 2 and Dynamic sport road. The mountain bike range comprises of wild grip’R and wild rock’r while the city trekking range offers the choice of protek max and protek cross.


Speaking on the launch, Pradeep G Thampy, commercial director, two wheels for Michelin Asia, Africa and Middle East, said, “The premium bicycle market has witnessed significant growth in recent times. With rising consciousness about health benefits, cycling as a leisure and adventure activity will spur further growth in this market. Industry analysts estimate this segment to grow between 25-30% annually.”


“Our bicycle tyre ranges are unrivalled in performance, thanks to continuous innovations and through the fact that they are engineered to meet demands of the most exacting cyclists. The newly launched range has something for every kind of cycling enthusiast the pro, the daily user and the adventure seeker,” he further added.

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