Ogier’s Volkswagen Polo WRC In Friday Flexi Service At The 2014 Rally Of Poland – Video - Overdrive

Ogier's Volkswagen Polo WRC in Friday flexi service at the 2014 Rally of Poland - video

29 Jun 2014 / 0
Motorsport Editor
We were lucky enough to catch Sebastian Ogier’s car come in for Flexi Service at the end of the Friday at Rally Poland. As soon as the reigning World Rally Champion enters the Volkswagen area of the service park, he does it in style too, with a nice handbrake turn and bits of gravel flying everywhere much to the delight of the crowd, the service crew is ready. As you can see from the video, there’s absolutely not one second to be lost here. When they’re done, the clock stops and the driver and codriver take the car to the overnight parc ferme.
First, Seb has a quick word with his engineer briefing him about how the car felt over the course of the stages. Once this is done and the chief engineer has conveyed to the mechanics exactly what needs to be done on the car, the mechanics standby. The time on the clock is 45 minutes for service, minus two minutes which is the time they will take to drive back to parc ferme. So with 43 minutes on the clock, they are counted down. When the word is given, the timer starts and the mechanics get to work.
Given that Sebastien Ogier and Julien Ingrassia are currently leading the rally, there’s plenty at stake for them at the 2014 Rally Poland.
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