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Osamu Suzuki steps down as CEO of Suzuki Motor Corp over fuel economy test scandal

08 Jun 2016 / 0

Osamu Suzuki, the CEO of Suzuki Japan has stepped down from his post. Osamu Honda, the CTO has also resigned after accepting responsibility for the fuel economy test fiasco. Honda’s replacement is yet to be decided while Suzuki’s replacement will be announced on June 29, 2016.

Osamu Suzuki


Osamu Suzuki, 86, will continue as the chairman as of Suzuki Corporation. He had been leading from the front for the last 40 years and has acknowledged that in the past few years, it had become difficult for him to oversee the entire operations alone. Suzuki Corporation said that it had been testing car parts individually indoors whereas the global policy is to do it outside and as a complete unit. The reason being, its testing facility was on a windy road, right next to the sea, which resulted in the readings going erratic. The current president of Suzuki Corporation, Toshihiro Suzuki, said that there was also an issue with the R&D centre which lacked transparency in their dealings. He also will be spearheading the new compliance training for the engineers and workers as well as reworking on the mileage testing procedures for all new Suzuki vehicles.


Source: Reuters

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