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Rayo Racing to hold 'Basics in Karting' workshop in Noida

10 Jun 2016 / 0

Rayo Racing have announced a ‘Basics in Karting’ Training session, that will be held on June 11 and 12, 2016,  at the Wonder Speedway in Noida.

Rayo Racing has been a name synonymous with karting in India. In this two day event participants will be given basic training of how to race in a go kart. They will also be given knowledge about racing essentials.


On the first day participants will be given some basic knowledge about karts and the track in general. They will also be instructed in proper accelerating, braking methods and how to identify and choose the correct racing line on the track.

On the second day participants will get an opportunity to walk the track and get a better understanding of it. A total of 75 laps will be allowed to each participant.

People aged between 6 and 60 are allowed to participate in the event, provided they meet the height restriction to drive a go kart.

Rayo Racing is charge Rs.14,910 for the whole event, which has limited seats.

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