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Salman Khan's Being Human Foundation to launch e-bicycles on World Environment Day

05 Jun 2017 / 0

On the occasion of World Environment Day, Bollywood star Salman Khan has announced that he will launch two battery-powered bicycles that will retail under his Being Human brand. Being Human is a charitable organisation that’s run by the actor and his associates. Being Human also runs a chain of clothing and accessories stores.


Salman Khan, who is known for his love for riding bicycle, was the one who came up with the idea of launching an e-bicycle. He got together with his team to develop the bicycle, and sources say that the team has successfully carried out trial runs. Those looking to buy one do not need a licence to ride nor do they need to register the e-bicycle.

The e-bicycle will come with a battery pack and small motor, attached to the hub on the rear wheel. The motor provides additional propulsion to reduce manual exertion by a rider, especially when climbing steep slopes. The bicycle also features five riding modes, which basically alter the level of assist from the electric motor.

The e-bicycle segment has seen a steady rise over the last few months. There aren’t many players in this segment of the bicycle market too. While the prices for the Being Human e-bicycles is not out yet, these bicycles usually cost between Rs 25,000-45,000, based on the capacity of the battery.

The initiative by the Being Human Foundation is commendable as the world struggles to cope with the effects of pollution.

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