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SIAM brings diesel ban facts to light

29 Apr 2016 / 4

When the diesel ban hit Delhi earlier this year, the entire Indian automobile industry was sent into disarray. The ban stated that all passenger cars with diesel engines that displaced over 2000cc could not be registered in the Delhi NCR region. The ban was put into play by the government in an effort to reduce the pollution levels in the Indian capital and its neighbouring states. However, the Society of Indian Automobile  Manufacturers (SIAM) has put forth some facts regarding pollution contributed by diesel cars.

Diesel SUV in Delhi

A recent study conducted at IIT Kanpur suggests that passenger diesel cars are hardly responsible for the pollution levels. The study found that all passenger cars only contributed to 2 per cent of the PM (Particulate Matter) 2.5 pollution load in the NCR region. Out of the 2 percent, it was found that 1.5 per cent of the PM 2.5 pollution load went to diesel cars. When taken further, it was found that BS-IV compliant diesel cars only accounted for 0.5 per cent of the PM 2.5 emissions. By the above figures it is seen that it is the commercial vehicles that are responsible for the worrying pollution levels in the capital.

SIAM says that the ban on diesel engines will not result in the desired reduction in pollution levels, and that banning diesel engines only paints them in a bad light even though the technology has greatly advanced over the past decade and a half, and are now clean and efficient. They also said it is ironic how older and highly polluting diesel cars are allowed to be out on the roads, while the very purpose of the ban was to reduce pollution levels.

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