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Skoda nears the million mark for vehicles sold in 2014

15 Dec 2014 / 0

Skoda managed to deliver 9,55,300 vehicles over the globe so far this year. That’s 34,500 more than last year and 16,100 more vehicles than 2012. The vehicle deliveries increased by 10.1 per cent to 90,200 units. Increase in sales amounted to 46.9 per cent over November 2013.

“Skoda will set a new sales record this year. Following the positive results in November, the milestone of one million vehicles produced and sold in one calendar year is certain”, says CEO H.C. Winfried Vahland.

The surge in sales can be attributed to the company’s new campaign model, attributing to which the company has been able to get across new customer groups. The new Fabia has been a part of the European markets through mid November and the Fabia Combi (estate) is expected to reach dealers early 2015. Skoda says that the cars are supposed to be functional, have lower consumption and better tech from higher segment vehicles.


Skoda’s highest selling market currently is China. In November, the company reported a 46.9 per cent increase to 26,800 vehicles in China alone – higher than November 2013 which saw 18,200 vehicles being delivered. This brings Skoda’s sales figure in China up to 2,50,600 so far this year. Skoda claims that this figure has never been achieved in a calendar year before.

In the Indian market, Skoda has delivered 1,200 vehicles this November to customers. This is lesser than November 2013 which saw 1,600 vehicles being delivered.

Record November for ŠKODA

More than 1 million ŠKODAs produced and sold in 2014

› 955,300 sales by the end of November; 920,800 full-year 2013

› Best ŠKODA November: 90,200 deliveries (up 10.1%)

› China: 46.9% ŠKODA growth; Octavia 112.4% in the plus

› Vahland: “One million vehicle milestone for ŠKODA”

Mladá Boleslav, 8 December 2014 – ŠKODA is steaming ahead in 2014. Between January

and November 2014, the Czech carmaker delivered 955,300 vehicles around the world –

34,500 more vehicles than in the whole of 2013, and 16,100 more deliveries than the

previous record year – 2012. ŠKODA deliveries in November increased 10.1% to 90,200

units. This was the best November so far in corporate history, and the Chinese market has

been a strong driver of growth. ŠKODA’s sales in China increased 46.9% this November

over November 2013.

“ŠKODA will set a new sales record this year. Following the positive results in November, the

milestone of one million vehicles produced and sold in one calendar year is certain,” says ŠKODA CEO

Prof. Dr. h.c. Winfried Vahland. “Producing and selling one million ŠKODA cars for the first time in one

year is a milestone for our brand, and has made the whole team very proud.”

The backbone of this sales success has been the brand’s ongoing model campaign, through which the

company is also winning over new consumer groups. The new ŠKODA Fabia has been on the first

European markets since mid-November, and the new ŠKODA Fabia Combi (estate) will be heading to

the dealerships in early 2015. Both body versions feature emotive designs, maximum functionality,

low consumption and innovative technology from higher vehicle classes.

In Western Europe, ŠKODA achieved 33,000 deliveries this November (November 2013: 34,000).

After eleven months ŠKODA’s market share rose to 3.4% (January to November 2014: 3.2%). In

ŠKODA’s strongest European market, Germany, the brand delivered 12,100 vehicles this November

(November 2013: 12,300). In the UK, ŠKODA sold 5600 vehicles, representing an increase of 0.3%

over November last year. The manufacturer recorded double-digit growth in November in Spain (1400

vehicles; up 12.1%), Belgium (1500 vehicles; up 17.5%), Italy (1300 vehicles; up 30.4%) and

Portugal (200 vehicles; up 37.5%).

In Eastern Europe, including Russia, ŠKODA’s deliveries to customers stood at 10,600 vehicles

(November 2013: 11,300). After eleven months, ŠKODA’s market share had increased to 4.4%

(January to November 2013: 3.9%). In Russia, the brand sold 7600 vehicles, representing an

increase of 2.9% over November 2013. The market share in Russia rose to 3.8% this November

(January to November 2013: 3.4%). ŠKODA recorded double-digit growth in Romania (800 vehicles;

up 37.0%), as well as in Bulgaria (200 vehicles; up 10.7%).

In Central Europe ŠKODA delivered 12,800 vehicles in November, representing an increase of 1.6%

over November 2013. After the first eleven months, the market share had risen to over 20% (20.2%),

after 19.1% by the end of November 2013. In the Czech home market, the brand’s sales had

increased 10% to 6500 vehicles by the end of November (November 2013: 5900). In Slovenia,

ŠKODA’s sales increased 3.1%.

ŠKODA is in excellent shape in China – the brand’s strongest sales market in the world. In November,

the company’s sales increased 46.9% to 26,800 vehicles (November 2013: 18,200). So far this year,

ŠKODA has sold 250,600 vehicles on the Chinese market – more than ever before in one calendar

year. The model most in demand this November, introduced in China in the summer, was the new

ŠKODA Octavia, with sales increasing 112.4%.

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ŠKODA sold more models in Turkey this November than ever before in a single month: 1800 units (up

21.6%). The brand achieved their third-best monthly sales result in Israel, with deliveries increasing

23.3% to 1600 vehicles (November 2013: 1,300). In India, ŠKODA achieved 1200 deliveries to

customers this November (November 2013: 1600).

ŠKODA deliveries to customers in November 2014 (in units, rounded off, by model; +/- in

percent over November 2013):

ŠKODA Octavia (36,400; +18.2%)

ŠKODA Rapid (19,000; +30.5%)

ŠKODA Fabia (12,600; -13.0%)

ŠKODA Yeti (8700; -1.3%)

ŠKODA Superb (7300; +3.0%)

ŠKODA Roomster (2700; -6.5%)

ŠKODA Citigo (Only sold in Europe: 3400; +4.8%)


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