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Spec comparison: Pulsar 200NS vs Duke 200 vs RC 200 vs Duke 390 vs RC 390

01 Sep 2014 / 0
KTM RC 390

KTM RC 390

With the KTM RC 390 and RC 200 just around the corner we have made a specification comparison to highlight the differences between these faired bikes and their street bike siblings. We’ve also thrown in a Pulsar 200NS for good measure. As you’re probably aware the KTMs are all based on the same mechanicals under the skin. But there are some small details that differentiate the faired bikes from the nakeds. The following table illustrates the important differences between the motorcycles


KTM RC 200

KTM RC390 spec comparo

 KTM 200 DukeKTM RC 200KTM 390 DukeKTM RC 390Bajaj Pulsar 200NS
Max power25PS@10000rpm25PS@10000rpm43.5PS@9000rpm43.5PS@9000rpm23.5PS@9500rpm
Max torque19.2Nm@8000rpm19.2Nm@8000rpm35Nm@7000rpm35Nm@7000rpm18.3Nm@8000rpm
Wheelbase1,361±15mm1,340±15 m1,367±15mm1,340±15 m1363mm
Ground clearance165mm178.5mm170mm178.5mm169mm
Steering head angle65°66.5°65°66.5°NA
Seat height (unloaded)810mm820mm800mm820mmNA
Suspension travel F150mm125mm150mm125mmNA
Suspension travel R150mm150mm150mm150mmNA
Weight125kg (without fuel)137.5kg (without fuel)139kg (without fuel)147kg (without fuel)145kg (with fuel)
Fuel tank11l10l11l10l12l
Brakes F280mm disc300mm disc300mm disc300mm disc280mm disc
Brakes R230mm disc230mm disc230mm disc230mm disc230mm disc
Tyre F110/70 R17110/70 R17110/70 R17110/70 R17100/80 R17
Tyre R150/60 R17150/60 R17150/60 R17150/60 R17130/70 R17
0-100kmph9.86sNA5.6sNA11.67s (wet)
Top speed135kmphNA168.5kmphNA135kmph


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