Spied: Volkswagen's upcoming compact sedan spotted testing

The Volkswagen compact sedan will share more similarities with the Polo than the Vento


Snapped here is the upcoming compact sedan from Volkswagen. As we reported earlier, the car is based on the PQ24 platform that underpins the Polo and the Vento and therefore it is no surprise that the test mules seen here wear nearly the same face as the Vento and Polo. The headlamps are the same double-barrel units, but we expect slight revisions to the bumpers to distinguish this car from its siblings. However, the rear is where all the differences lie.

Volkswagen small car 11 (5)

The tailgate is stubby to make sure that the car fits within the tax-friendly sub-four-metre category. The tail lights get a similar shape to the Vento’s units, but with different detailing. The rear doors come from the Polo, but the C-pillar is all-new since the angle of the rear windshield isn’t as steep as the Polo’s nor as relaxed as the Vento’s.

Volkswagen small car 11 (2)

The compact sedan is rumoured to be called the Volkswagen Ameo and is expected to run the same engines offered on the Polo. Well, the finer details aren’t too far away as the car is set to be unveiled at the 2016 Auto Expo and you can count on us to get you all the info from the show floor

Volkswagen small car 11 (6)

Volkswagen small car 11 (4)

Volkswagen small car 11 (3)

Volkswagen small car 11 (1)

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