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TVS to launch semi-automated manual transmission motorcycles in India

17 Jun 2016 / 0

AMT or automated manual transmission has already been trending among car manufacturers in India. And now, the same will be seen on motorcycles as well. TVS Motor Company had filed a patent in 2009 for semi-automated manual transmission (SMT) technology which has been granted in May this year. TVS was the first company to launch a clutch-less motorcycle in India with the Jive (the Hero Honda Street was a step-through) which had a gear shift indicator along with a shift lever.

TVS Jive small

According to the patent filed by the TVS Motor Company, the motorcycle that will come equipped with a semi-automated manual transmission will have a switch on the handlebar to shift gears instead of a conventional gear shifter on the footrest. In addition, the patent also mentions of a possibility of offering two switches on the handle bar for downshifting and upshifting gears. The Chennai based motorcycle maker has already got an approval from the Patent Office regarding the SMT gearbox in May this year

Regarding the operation of SMT, the switch on the handlebar will be connected to a motor which will work with an electromechanical actuator to change gears instead of the conventional gear shift lever. This eliminates the need of any type of foot movement or the application of extra force to shift gears, which was in the case of the TVS Jive. It also reportedly will help improve fuel consumption by 2 to 5 % in city.

TVS Apache RTR 200 4V (46)

We tried reaching out to TVS to get more information on the semi-automated manual transmission (SMT) and if is for smaller displacement motorcycles only or will it make its way into the more premium offerings like the TVS RTR200 4V, but the company declined to make any official comment on the same


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