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Video worth watching: ­Epic R8 safety car save at Le Mans

19 Jun 2016 / 0

We all are aware that rain and traction don’t go hand in hand, especially not at a race track where you are attacking corners at over triple digit speeds. A great manoeuvre of control was on display during the 2016 24 hours of Le Mans. During the last qualifying session, it started pouring heavily which was already forecasted as summers and rains share a special bond in Europe. So much so that the event had to be red flagged before it was declared safe enough to resume the race again.

Meanwhile an Audi R8 safety car was out on the track to coordinate with the race control regarding the conditions on the track. While entering the Dunlop chicane the vehicle lost traction over a waterlogged section (aquaplaning) and seemed to spin off the track. However, the outcome was quite unexpected as Yannick Dalmas, four times Le Mans winner, was the driver and heroically got the slide under control that even the reigning World Endurance Champion and Porsche LMP1 driver Mark Webber was delighted. Regardless of whether one is a racing fan, this video is a treat to watch. Enjoy!

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