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Video worth watching: Extreme enduro on a KTM 1190 R

22 Oct 2016 / 1

Enduro riders have globes of titanium. How else would you explain the ability to ride through, over and around anything that mother nature or humankind can throw at you. Fallen trees? No problem. Near vertical climbs? Sure! Waist deep water? Bring it!


The kind of riding that these guys do makes them gods, if you ask us. But then what about those who can do all of that on big adventure bikes? They have to be mental, right? Well, turns out Adam Riemann is that kind of mental. The same kind that makes the likes of Chris Birch. We’ve always been a fan of Riemann’s Motology films and eagerly wait to see what kind of nonsense he’s been upto lately. This time, he’s mucking about on his 1190 R on which he’s installed Touratech’s long travel suspension. You can call this a video of him trying out his new suspension. But to us it looks like insanity. Watch as he weaves though tight trails, jumps over logs, rides over rocks and even keeps up with his mate Brad Williscroft who’s accompanying Riemann on, what looks like, a KTM 450 EXC. It’s got all of us at OD all pumped up and ready to hit the trails. Check it out.


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