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Video worth watching: Guy Martin takes on David Coulthard at Silverstone

21 May 2016 / 0

With the next MotoGP race upon us this weekend, we thought it would be apt to give some motorsport fun for all ages. In this video, we take a look at Isle of Man TT star Guy Martin in his race-tuned BMW S1000RR taking on Formula One legend David Coulthard in a Red Bull Racing RB8. The venue for the clash between these two giants is hallowed ground in the world of motorsport – Silverstone circuit.

Martin’s BMW S1000RR is powered by a 999cc inline-4 petrol engine producing 220PS. This doesn’t seem very awe-inspiring until you take into account the fact that the bike weighs only 162kg (232kg with Martin seated on it). That equates to a power to weight ratio close to 1,000PS/tonne, a figure few cars can ever hope to achieve. The Red Bull Racing RB8 on the other hand is powered by a 2.4-litre V8 producing 750PS, in a car that weighs 570kg. This gives the Formula One car a power to weight ratio of over 1,300PS/tonne.

The two race machines battle it out in a number of tests to determine who’s the fastest on the track, with a surprising close result. Add to that some good old British humour and you have a winning formula for a video worth watching.

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