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Video worth watching: Jaguar’s F-Pace takes the 360-degree route

29 May 2016 / 0

Video games fascinate car enthusiasts a lot. The reason being that they can do pretty unusual things while playing those arcade games. Driving on pavements, jumping off high bridges, driving a car round a 360-degree loop are some of them. Jaguar, however, made one of these video-game fantasies, possible.

Celebrating their 80th anniversary, the British-origin company dared to defy the laws of gravity while attempting a to go round a 360-degree loop in an SUV. Thats right ! Not a fast sports car or even a hatchback, but a proper SUV that weighs over two tonnes. The F-Pace was company’s first-ever SUV. Jaguar states that the car happens to be their most advanced one yet. The F-Pace took loads of design cues from their CX-17 concept car, showcased long back in 2013. It offers various engine models to choose from, the highest one being a 3.0 litre V6 supercharged engine, producing 380PS with 450lb. ft. of torque at disposal.

The structure stood 19.08m tall and with legendary stunt driver Terry Grant piloting the huge vehicle. The F-Pace pounced towards the loop while gaining a momentum with optimum speed. The car’s sports car performance and advanced electronics helped it to successfully complete the loop, thereby setting a new Guinness World Record for going round a 360-degree loop. Can’t wait to watch it? We won’t delay you.

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