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Video worth watching: Killing your tyres, with Ken Block

24 Oct 2015 / 0

Everyone who knows anything about gymkhana, drifting and burning tyres, will know Ken Block. Last year, the team built a one of a kind four-wheel drive Mustang, called the Hoonicorn, which he threw around in the city of Los Angeles. This time around, they’ve rebuilt a 1978 Ford Escort Mark II to makes 333PS of power, to keep us entertained.


In this video, Ken seems to be familiarising himself with his first ever rear-wheel drive gymkhana car as he continuously burns through his tyres for almost a minute in this 1:47s video. At around 1:13s, you can see his rear brakes glowing red hot, which probably means that he is constantly on the brakes while doing this burnout, instead of using a specific mechanism that locks the front wheels individually.


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