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Video worth watching: Michael Schumacher’s blisteringly quick qualifying at Hockenheimring

30 Apr 2016 / 0

Ever since the first race in 1950, Formula One has been a continually evolving sport, with each successive year resulting in faster cars. However, due to growing environmental concerns, successive regulations have become more eco-friendly, resulting in downsized engines. The consequence of which was slower cars every year. Due to this, the motorsport produced its quickest race machines in 2004.

The video in question, we see one of Formula One’s fastest cars being piloted by a man whose name resonates throughout the Formula One world, Michael Schumacher. Of course, he needs no introduction, regardless of whether you follow motorsport or not. The car he’s piloting is the Ferrari F2004, another legend in its own right. Together we bear witness to one of the most spectacular laps of Hockenheimring, with Schumacher attacking the circuit with razor sharp precision, taking the perfect line and hitting every apex. All of the aforementioned is accompanied by a sonorous V10 soundtrack which in our opinion, is second to none.

As goes with all of the other videos worth watching, the write up never does any justice to the actual video itself. So treat yourself to another bit of motoring history (headphones strongly recommended).

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