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Video worth watching: Riding a Honda Africa Twin off-road

27 Aug 2015 / 0

The Honda Africa Twin has to be one of the most beautiful motorcycles to come out this year. It reminds us so much of the older bike that was a legend in its own right and is credited to have kickstarted the adventure tourer segment. The new Africa Twin might be filled to the brim with all kinds of gadgets and tricky bits, but what we’re most excited about is that it carries with it the CRF moniker. What that means is that this bike still remains a dirt bike at heart. You might argue that all these large capacity motorcycles are too large to be chucked around in the dirt. If you’re one of those people, this video that Honda has released will convince you otherwise.


A lot of it has people talking about stuff that, if you’re patient enough to listen to it, will give you some interesting insight into the Africa Twin. But if you’re impatient or are waiting to run off to relieve your bladder but just have to see this video, skip to 3:30 minutes and let your jaw drop. Go ahead. Try it!

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