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Video worth watching: Suzuki Vitara '96 for sale

06 May 2017 / 1

Selling a used car is no easy affair, and if you’ve ever gone through the process, you’ll know what we are talking about. While almost everyone posts ads that speak highly of the car and the showroom condition of the vehicle, there are a few who put in some extra effort to ensure their ads, and hence their cars, get noticed.


We have come across some really interesting used car ads, but the video here surely takes the cake for the most imaginative and downright hilarious commercial for a used car.

A bloke is looking (our guess is it’s already sold) to sell his 10-year-old 1996 Suzuki Vitara, and he has come up with an advertisement that equals the likes of ads made by manufacturers for a brand-new car.

The video shows the little SUV in action over varied terrains. While a lot of it is purely CGI effects, the result is stunning and funny at the same time. There’s clever placement of the Vitara in iconic movies too, such as Jurassic Park, Mad Max: Fury Road and Back to the Future.

The Vitara also completes a trip to the moon and back, and while it may be a little OTT, it does grab your attention. Watch the video and laugh your gut out.

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