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Video worth watching: Triumph Tiger 800XCs tear their way to Alaska

29 May 2015 / 0

This mildly NSFW video is from Icon and follows four Triumph Tiger 800 XCs on their ride to the Arctic Circle. The bikes are taking part in the Alcan 5000 which is an epic 5000 mile TSD rally from Washington to Anchorage in Alaska. But the boys on the bikes are not too bothered with the rules of time, speed, distance riding and are out to have some fun.

Triumph Tiger 800 XC Artic.jpg (3)


They’re all highly talented off-road riders but Ernie Vigil, a stunt rider stands out from the rest as most of the video has his front wheel in the air and the rear massively sideways.

Triumph Tiger 800 Alcan 5000

We will warn you that this video features plenty of foul language but it is as entertaining watching the boys take each other’s cases as it is watching them fight through the hostile environment. Broken down motorcycles, crashes, black bears and some incredible displays of riding skills. This 24 minute video has it all.





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