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Video worth watching: Turbocharged Triumph Street Triple Rs drifting

18 Oct 2016 / 1

Watching cars drifting around endlessly like there is no tomorrow is a favourite pastime of ours at OVERDRIVE. We are big fans of and appreciate drivers who can carry a long drift across a corner. The funny fact is that almost everyone who watches videos of professionals drivers drifting cars on a racetrack think it isn’t too difficult. Given a chance we all would love to try our hand at drifting a car. But let’s leave it for another day.

Now, we have come across one drifting video, which shows two brave riders, Ernie Vigil and Nick Apex Brocha, drifting two Triumph Street Triple Rs, at times side by side, with their wrists locked on the throttle. Surely, not many of us would even dream of emulating their antics.

Both the Triumph Street Triple Rs have been souped up with a long list of modifications which include a Garrett GT250R turbo, K&N air filter, DynoJet PC5 PTI, HT Moto custom seat and Avon tyres.  The video which has been rather beautifully shot starts by showing the motorcycles being fuelled up and the turbocharger spooling up.

Soon, Ernie and Nick charge towards each other from opposite ends of the start line with the tyres letting out as much smoke as a bushfire. The superbly entertaining video will not only make your jaws drop but also keep you hooked to the screen for an entire two minutes.

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