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Volkswagen India finally begins dieselgate recall with last gen Skoda Superb

20 Sep 2016 / 0

The Volkswagen Group in India will begin the first phase of its recall on diesel vehicles, nine months after the initial announcement. The first car to be recalled is the older generation Skoda Superb which was discontinued in 2015, running the infamous 2.0-litre EA 189 diesel engine. The Skoda Superb will only receive a software update which Volkswagen claims, won’t compromise the vehicle’s performance or safety. According to a Volkswagen spokesperson, the recall process is already underway and customers will soon be contacted by dealers or by the brand itself.


In the US and European markets, this engine was fitted with a cheat device to clear the strict emission norms there. In India though, it cleared the comparatively lenient emission norms even without the device. However, the Volkswagen Group is issuing this voluntary recall to ensure that these cars up to date with the latest technical changes in the European market.

The brand attributes the delay in initiating the recall to the complications in getting approvals from the ARAI (Automotive Research Association of India). There are several engines under process, according to the spokesperson, and each of them is classified on the basis of factors like the capacity, model, year of manufacture and gearboxes.

While Volkswagen’s headquarters in Germany has given the go ahead to update these engines, individual approvals from the ARAI are necessary for each classification of engine. This is why the previous generation Volkswagen Passat running the 2.0-litre EA 189 diesel engine still isn’t part of the recall. Vehicles running Volkswagen’s 1.5- and 1.6-litre diesel engines will also be updated after the company receives approval from the ARAI.

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