2013 Mahindra Centuro Vs Honda Dream Neo - Comparison By Overdrive

2013 Mahindra Centuro vs Honda Dream Neo


Which new entry level commuter motorcycle should Sharma buy?

Asst. Features Editor

You can call me Sharma. I’m the teller at ICFC bank. My wife recently said that I have to stop traveling by bus or she will stop sending me a dabba for lunch. She says I have to buy a motorcycle. There are three conditions – mileage, riding comfort and looks. I just heard that there are two new motorcycles in the market – the Honda Dream Neo and the Mahindra Centuro. I can’t make up my mind about which one to buy. So I am going to list out the things that I like and dislike about each of them to help me make up my mind.

Honda Dream Neo vs Mahindra Centuro

Honda Dream Neo vs Mahindra Centuro

Design and  build

The Centuro is the better looking of the two

The Centuro is the better looking of the two

The Mahindra Centuro reminds me a lot of the TVS Flame that was on sale a while ago especially the front end. It is an eye catching design with its golden “ribs” under the tank. It makes all my friends say “Kya design hain, boss!” I like the fact that it has a distance to empty reading in the instrument cluster as well as a trip meter. It saves me the trouble of pushing my bike to a fuel station if I run out of fuel, especially since these fellows at the petrol pump have stopped giving fuel in bottles. It also features a tonne of goodies like LED pilot lights, LED tail lights, a car-like key fob with a bike locater function, follow me home headlamp, a little torch on the key and a headlight that has much better throw than the Honda’s. Again, “Kya features hain, boss!”

he Centuro gets a completely digital instrument cluster with a speedo, tacho, trip meter, fuel gauge and a distance to empty display

The Centuro gets a completely digital instrument cluster with a speedo, tacho, trip meter, fuel gauge and a distance to empty display

The seat however isn’t that great. Two reasons – the foam is too soft and the seat itself isn’t wide enough. In comparison, the seat on the Dream Neo is wider and the foam is not as pliant. This means I’m not left sitting on the seat pan at the end of my work commute. And no, it’s not because I need to lose weight! The riding position too is much better in the Dream Neo. I was sitting more comfortably thanks to the fact that there was more space between my knees and the handlebar. When compared to the Centuro, the Dream Neo definitely felt like you were sitting on a bigger bike.

The Dream Neo looks identical to the Yuga

The Dream Neo looks identical to the Yuga

The Dream Neo looks a lot like the Dream Yuga. Visually the only difference is the tail section. The styling on the whole is quite pleasant. It doesn’t have any of the unnecessary flair. If the Centuro is like my college going brother-in-law Rohit, the Dream Neo is like my almost retired father-in-law, Mahesh-ji. There is an analog instrument cluster with a speedo and a fuel level indicator. There are no fancy LEDs, no remote light on the key, no golden “ribs”. But despite all this, the motorcycle is quite smart looking.

The Dream Neo’s clocks are pretty standard – just a speedo, odo and fuel gauge

The Dream Neo’s clocks are pretty standard – just a speedo, odo and fuel gauge

Ride and Handling


I’m not one to go corner carving on my motorcycle. The most important aspect for me has to be a plush ride. But then it shouldn’t be so plush that with my wife and me sitting on it, the suspension keeps bottoming out. With this in mind, both the Dream Neo and the Centuro work for me. They both soak up undulations reasonably well.  The Dream Neo is a bit harsher while the Centuro feels more plush. Both bikes feel pretty stable over bad roads. The Centuro especially feels more planted while the Dream Neo’s harsher ride did make me think twice about going over bigger potholes. Even when it comes to braking the Centuro performs much better. The Dream Neo, well let me just say that the Centuro stops quicker. (Official test results show that the Centuro comes to a halt from 60kmph in 27.68m while the Dream Neo takes 28.65m). I rode both motorcycles in the rain and both of them felt quite stable. Even when taking sharp turns, they never seemed to get unsettled.

Engine and Performance

The 106.7cc motor of the Centuro gets a high pressure oil pump now

The 106.7cc motor of the Centuro gets a high pressure oil pump now

The brochures say that the Centuro uses a 106.7cc, air-cooled, single cylinder engine that makes 8.5PS at 7500rpm and 8.5Nm at 5500rpm. The Dream Neo uses a 109cc single cylinder engine that makes 8.3PS at 7500rpm and 8.6Nm at 5500rpm. All that doesn’t matter to me. What does matter is that the bike is just like the Splendor I learnt to ride on. All up gear shift pattern, I hear it is called.

The Honda’s motor now comes with Honda Eco Technology (HET) that promises more economy than before

The Honda’s motor now comes with Honda Eco Technology (HET) that promises more economy than before

The Honda’s engine has a lot more “dum”. One part where the Honda really stood out was when you needed to ride it around in light traffic. The Dream Neo feels more rideable. There are less gear shifts and I didn’t need to downshift every single time for an overtake. The Centuro on the other hand feels seriously lacking in this area. In fourth gear, if you want to quicken your pace a bit, you have to drop to third gear more often than not (the Centuro takes 26.4s to do 40-80kmph in 4th gear while the Honda takes just 17.3s).

Both motorcycles could manage around 85kmph on the occasional highway stretch on my commute. But then if you’re riding either bike at that speed, then there is just too much vibration. But at around 60-70kmph both motorcycles feel ekdum smooth. The Honda a little more than the Centuro. But not by much.

All this refinement and stuff don’t mean much to me but what does matter is the average. From that point of view it is the Honda that wins. It gives me 69.6kmpl in the city and 76.7kmpl on my occasional ride out of town. The Centuro on the other hand gives me 78.6kmpl on the highway and 65.4kmpl in the city. The Dream Neo has a 8 litre tank while the Centuro has a 12.7litre tank. With an average of 68.7kmpl (Centuro) and 71.4kmpl (Dream Neo) this lets you travel around 571km for the Honda and 872.5km for the Mahindra. Lesser fuel stops for the Mahindra then.


Honda Dream Neo vs Mahindra Centuro

Honda Dream Neo vs Mahindra Centuro

Now you will know why I am in so much confusion. Both these bikes are very close to each other in terms of performance and efficiency. But then there is the most important factor left to discuss. Price. The Honda Dream Neo costs Rs 50,426 while the Mahindra Centuro costs only Rs 44,784 (both ex-Mumbai). If I had to pick a bike without considering the brand, it would without a doubt be the Centuro. Despite all of Mahindra’s promises I am still not confident of how this bike will age. Likewise, the strongest case in the Dream Neo’s favour is that it is a Honda. But then there is that difference of Rs 5,642. For that price I get more features, performance and economy almost as good as the Dream Neo, and fresher styling. Saving some money while still getting an excellent product? Sounds like a great deal to me.

SpecificationsMahindra CenturoHonda Dream Neo
Engine type Air cooled, single cylinderAir cooled, single cylinder
Engine capacity106.7cc109.0cc
Suspension (F/R)Telescopic forks/
Hydraulic coil springs
Telescopic forks/Hydraulic coil springs
Brakes (F/R)130mm drums130mm drums
Top speed84.5kmph86.1kmph
Braking (60-0kmph)27.7m /3.8s
City fuel efficiency 65.4kmpl
Highway fuel efficiency78.6kmpl76.7kmpl
Kerb Weight120kg105kg
Price, ex-MumbaiRs 44784Rs 50426

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  • Shrikanth.R

    there! Firstly, the review you have shared is excellent. If anyone else
    is confused between these two bikes I would want to suggest your post : )
    You have taken great deal of effort and compared both
    bikes in detail. I just think from a third person’s point of view that I
    think you are leaning towards Mahindra centuro a bit more than the
    Honda neo. Another thing you may want to look at is the warranty.
    Centuro comes with a 5 year warranty and that surely
    leaves worries away 😉 (neo has 2 years). Like you mentioned good price
    & mileage and those features with warranty should help you decide.. but you know yourself best..so let us know what you decided finally.

    • devendra

      only good engine vehicles can offer warranty of 5 years .. thumbs up for centuro .. a confident move

    • sandy

      I have a Mahindra Centuro bike its awesum yar .when evr i park my bike besides the road the rush gets collect around my bike askng me abut the features and milage
      The looks are eye catchng surly .milage rocks and confort level is well behaved !!i suggest Centuro Rocks thank u Mahindra & Mahindra Group

  • Raghav Diwan

    know how happy I was to read this article. I was pretty confused
    myself but about mahindra centuro and passion pro bike but since Hero
    is another trusted brand I didn’t know why I would be in two minds
    at all. It was all the hype..the online reviews that I am seeing
    about mahindra centuro that got me thinking. I visited the website
    and asked a few people around about the brand and while no one
    instantly said go get it..they said, centuro is a bike a class apart
    because mahindra has tried to do something different this time. All
    other bikes are pretty much the same in this cc but centuro has got
    what others don’t. now I read it has 5 years warranty so well yeah,
    not too confused now..

  • Munisammappa

    In entry level there’s nothing better than Hero branded !!

    • dude_creative

      Hero is honda

      • Munisammappa

        Hero quality miles ahead of HMSI (Indian Honda)

        • dude_creative

          any example? I find splendors technology badly outdated than Dream neo. Read below..and dont make joke that hero quality more than honda.
          Comparison of splendor and Neo
          Why I am comparing these 2? Both are Honda’s designs with 2 decade difference.
          but easily match each other
          1. Have same style twin pod instrument.
          2. Rear and front drum brakes, even same dia
          3. Stickers, fairing easily resemble 1994 splendor
          4. A honda engine sound – Hoooon Daaaaa
          5. Mileage – both will touch 60kmpl
          6. Both use Keihin carburetor which is virtually everlasting
          7. Gear shift lever with toe shift and all up pattern which we used to
          8. Front and rear suspension copy paste except Neo ones are Gabriel
          9. Tail and tail light – almost same, honda bit brighter
          10. Riding position – best ergonomics in both
          Coming to differences in favor of neo
          1. Little more power in Neo 110cc vs 97cc without sacrificing mileage
          2. Exhaust is bit milder, splendors thud in a low volume.
          3. Headlight fairing is little modern but retains the shape of splendor when looked at behind
          4. Has catalytic converter, secondary air pump in engine
          5. Plastic chain guard damn easier to disassemble than the sliding metal in splendor.
          6. Taller and better looking seats.
          7. Minor disadvantage here grab rail missing, never mind
          8. Battery far better and big in size.
          9. Has a passing light switch
          10. Lighter weight and power to weight ratio is much better hence faster speeds for youth
          11. HET engine for fuel efficiency, modern tech, like nickel spark
          12. Air filter is viscous new type than the old sponge filter
          13. Footrest feels more reliable
          14. Swingarm is rectangular and tightening chain feels more easier
          15. Single downtube rather than double cradle frame of splendor, so vibrations minimal
          Overall I am saying you get more new stuff at cheaper price from honda.

          • Munisammappa

            With your points in mind I suggested Neo……to mu cousin….

            1. Accelerator cable gone in a week
            2. Speedo cable in 3 weeks
            3. Low FE of 45kmpl
            4. It is not build well (overall quality)
            5. Very bad on bad roads

            after 4 months he lost the bike …..he got insurance money and after three months he bought Hero Splendor PRO 110cc (based on Neo Engine)

            1. Super build quality, can take 3 adults comfortable on bad roads !!
            2. Whopping increase in mileage of 68kmpl even before II service
            3. Complete peace of mind, Hondia after sales is simply stupid !!!

          • dude_creative

            I own Neo and none of the 5 points is correct.

            Don’t make up fake stories, man. Splendor pro uses 97 cc honda engine and not 110cc. Support your cycle company Hero which was once Zero without Honda

          • Munisammappa

            Sorry Passion XPro 110cc based on Neo Engine not Splendor Xpro (there is no such model)…

            Passion Xpro is 10 times better than Honda nibble 110cc Neo (low build quality)

          • chaitanya

            Hero borrows Honda engine and make their bike. When Honda itself makes Dream series, there is no point in buying Xpro, it will soon be discontinued, 2014 is the end of Hero’s licenses

          • Munisammappa

            All rumors , you see immediately after launch of Impulse people said that it will be discontinued !! It’s almost three years….still it is selling !!

            BTW. new engine technology bought by Hero does not have validity !! It is technology purchase not license !!!

          • chaitanya

            Your points about Dream neo is also a rumor. Dream neo just rules

          • arun

            neo is best

  • Anuj khandekar

    “kya mast article hai Boss !” thank you sharma ji :). Centuro is far better than other bikes. very stylish and good attempt by Mahindra. I enjoyed test ride very much. It’s very smooth and comfortable.

    • abc

      Mahindra doesn’t have a good record. Their previous attempt at 100cc (Stallio) flunked. Honda has had success in competitive segments (Unicorn, Shine, Activa, Dio) in spite of higher pricing. Choose a brand that has reputation.

      • avr

        brand matters..but a good product matters even more..and then we are not talking about benz or bmw to talk brand..its for a common man for commuting on a daily basis. and just cos honda tasted success doesnt mean mahindra cant achieve it..

        • Aditya

          Very true.
          Mahindra is doing very well with their Car and bike market. Very prompt while handling market demands and changes.

          They will taste success for sure.

        • mayil

          your thinking is very good.

          • avr

            thanks boss! :)

          • Anand

            hi…i m confused in Discover100t, 125ST, an mahindra Centuro…i want look an also average…suggest me best bike..

      • http://overdrive.in/author/ashok_george_11/ Ashok George

        The Stallio had a lot of problems, we agree. As we understand, the problem arose from the fact that the engines that came from Engines Engineering during the prototype stages and the ones that came into the final production spec motorcycles had a huge difference in terms of quality. And Mahindra being a newbie in the motorcycle game, it took them a bit longer than normal to realize something was wrong and recall the motorcycles. But in the time between the Stallio being pulled out of the market and the Centuro and Pantero coming out, the motor has been completely re-designed and re-developed in-house by Mahindra. Of course, it is too soon to comment on long term reliability, but the initial impressions with regard to quality have been very good so far.

        • DINESH

          HONDA shine bike is very bad bike. i used it. its engine a lot of problem. and i have do complant in honda company. no any responce from company. i sell my bike on 16 jun. its 8 month old only. i sell 36k.but bought it 55k.i am very apset from honda company. very bad. then i bokeed mahindra centuro.

          • Vishal

            Best Bike every Mahindra Centuro in this segment. So without doubt go for centuro boss. I am also planning to purchase this.

          • Sivaprar

            I agree that Mahindra Centuro is good in 110cc category, what about service and spares. Does any one care about this.

          • Soni Punam

            Yes its a big problem

          • mayil

            yes i’ts true. one more think the spares price also high.

          • chaitanya

            Your statement doesnt make Shine a bad bike.. Lol. Honda shiine is a top selling 125 cc bikes with 30lakh bikes running in India

      • dev

        good product is better than a reputed brand .. nokia befooled us for years by offering avg phones at not so avg prices .. after samsung and micromax they have also started to offer vfm products. honda is also looting us in the name of reputed/respected brand .. go for centuro .. save india .. buy indian

        • Naren

          I agree with u. can u tell me which abt this two indian brand Bajaj Discover 125T & Mahindra Centuro which is the best in all respects.

          • S Tiwari

            Boss, buy a brand which is continuously progressing,like Honda.All these brands are struggling to survive in India specially Kintetic Honda was struggling in India for long and sold to Mahindra.They are also trying their luck but no improvement in sales.And if there is no sales model discontinues and one has to sell at low price.So go for Honda Dream Neo/Yuga or Shine which is already no. one in 125 cc segment.

          • arun

            go for neo superbike

        • chaitanya

          Dont call samsung , micromax good product. Samsuck will suck in 2 years. Micromax has loads of crap in their phones. Honda is the SONY of automobiles.

  • Suchit

    I had looked all over the internet for the past 19 days and waited for just this “Saving some money while still getting an excellent product? Sounds like a great deal to me”. thnx

  • Paul

    And What About The Stylish Honda CB Twister For A long Traveling Student. PLS HELP I am confused among these bikes?

    • thomas

      Hi Paul, you have lot many options in the market but frankly speaking honda and other bikes are very high priced & in this situation the Mahindra launch centuro seems a good alternative with all the key features at a good price.

      • Prashant

        But Honda Is the Best. Honda bikes is famous in world. honda engian is very good so my chouse is you go for bought Honda bike……………………….

        • dev

          honda in india has become a brand only for showoff

          • dude_creative

            dont do comedy. Honda engines are engineered in Japan. no showoff

          • chaitanya

            Oh so Hero honda is showoff? how the **** they sold millions and still selling

    • http://Overdrive.in/ Shumi

      Well, I’ve always had a soft spot for the Twister though it is expensive. I have always felt that the wee Twister was the youngest, most sporty of the small bikes.

      • santhosh selvam

        Hello shumi sir.. I agree.. yea twister has good engine and style whereas when we see its body fibre parts, stability & road grip (smaller rear wheel) & drive chain life (due to half chain cover), it is poor.
        Also shumi sir, I could able to see your biased love towards Honda whenever you compare any bikes with honda.
        Each bike has its own pros and cons..But as you are a great reviewer I would request you to reveal the pros and cons of any vehicle without bias, especially with honda.. You may like honda very much. That is fine.. But while reviewing about any vehicle please dont show your love towards any brand to people.. I request you to just simply present the pros & cons of each bike while comparing without any conclusion like overall this bike is good or bad..
        Sorry I didnt mean to hurt you in anyway..

        • chaitanya

          I think he is a ***ed up Centuro buyer

  • Paul

    And what about the Stylish HONDA CB TWISTER for a long traveling Student. Please Help, I am confused among these three bikes.

  • Aditya

    Buy the Centuro for one more reason and a very important one as well.
    By buying Mahindra product, your money will be added to our countries economy… as M&M will invest it in india while honda takes the revenue to Japan. Jai Hind..

    Besides, Mahindra have done an outstanding job this time. Cannot believe but really they must have invested lot of money in their R&D facility. Also Mahindra are good with after sale service and prompt to address any issues.

    Happy commute !!!

    • yogesh

      jai hid aditya i also vote centuro for the same

      • Kuntal

        add 1 vote for me also

    • Ram RK

      thank u for u valuable comment honda take her revenue for japan i dont know this information thank u for telling

    • Ramesh Jalla

      Yes you are correct Aditya.

    • dude_creative

      who cares! dont you use any foreign items?

      • santhosh selvam

        Yes Indian brands are using foreign items. But still it is for the benefit of Indian customer & Indian company.. When we buy foreign brand itself, the profit goes to the foreigners.. Also see , how proud it is for us to see an Indian company like mahindra competes equally with Honda (japan).. We should be proud to buy Indian brand..

        • chaitanya

          you speak like politician.. but infact you are mahindra comedian

  • deepak

    mahindra centuro wins for sure….. i had ridden both the bikes….



    Do not forget the resale market also. I just sold a year old Duro dz, which just clocked 3000 kms for a meagre 30k, considering the fact that the vehicle cost me 50k on road.

    I tried for the best deal, and after a lot of effort, i sold it for 30k. Now i own a Unicorn, i know there are better engined bikes like suzuki gs150 etc, but, if i go to sell my unicorn, A honda wont burn my wallet..

    I feel, mahindra should create a brand image, and some quality checks to make its presence a strong one. For eg, just see the Pantero, its font itself is a Comic sans like one, no seriousness at all, its not stylish, and quality is a doubt. Aftersales service, again a question mark. After

    Indian companies should learn from smart foreign players who mint money in India. I feel, Tatas , Hero and Mahindras can, but some how, they dont, and they feel, their products are more than enough for stupid Indians. What an arrogance?

    They will pay for this one day or the other.. Recession, unemployment, no scope for decent income in this corrupt country, a common man is left looted by all means by all kind of sales organisations in India..

    A change, rather a revolution is necessary..

    • http://Overdrive.in/ Shumi

      You are right about resale. Manufacturers can make better products but it reflects in their resale values over a long time. A long time filled with great reputation building products.

      • santhosh selvam

        1st of all we have to understand our Indian economy & its technological growth compared to japan. Japan is much far technologically developed compared to India.. So we should support and encourage our Indian brands. With less Indian eeconomy & technology they are boldly producing better vehicles comparable with japanese products.. If we keep this in mind we wont compare our Indian brand with foreign brands like Honda.. I accept Honda is good in quality.. But Indian brands also fairly good like honda, yamaha..
        It is we people who are creating resale high for foreign brands & low for Indian brands..
        If u still appreciate foreign brands..I will ask something..With great economy & technology honda & yamaha can offer much more better products at low price.. But they are not doing that..See yamaha & honda are costliest bikes compared to Indian brands..

        • chaitanya

          How the *** you will trust a jeep company, and if 10 years later they will exist in motorcycle?

          • Manish

            I think you under estimate the power of Mahindra.
            It is Top India’s companies and don’t forget their brand value in SUVs.

          • dude_creative

            Even tata has good value in SUVs.. But who will buy if they introduce motorcycles. we don’t have idea of their experience in 2 wheelers.

    • NK

      You are ultimately wrong about service…. Mahindra has been successful in the SUV market and their service is acceptable… if not, you couldn’t have seen so many scorpios and boleros and now xuvs…
      secondly… talking about learning from foreign players…

      I feel players like Bajaj, TVS are doing good even after the break up with their foreign partners…. Tatas are also doing good – the point is you are expecting luxury vs price – and what tata is doing is affordability vs price… and since tata is affordable – so you can see many more tata indica’s. indigo’s and sumo’s used as call taxis… simply because it is affordable and serves the purpose…

      Point is – you underestimate the Indian Manufacturers… I am not being biased – but the word used as for Stupid Indians is actually wrong… Companies invest to make more revenues… and not for stupid people… the features mentioned by Mahindra Centuro is far more advanced in the segment and above – as you know…. and even honda or yamaha dont have them in this class…

      Why on earth should they have these features for Stupid people and also give it at a less price…. Its to prove a point that we make products for people in mind and their needs…. The Change is Happening and not acknowledged…

      FYI – i am no biker nor related to mahindra & co… but – I am a management enthusiast and I can relate that mahindras are doing a good job in each sectors – from taking over kinetic honda in 1998, and acquiting SSANGYANG, Korea, Satyam in IT, REVA – Battery Cars and so on…. and the TATA’s – took over Jaguar and Land Rover — When the world said TATA had taken a wrong decision by taking over – TATA proved everyone Wrong and within two- three years — they are one of the leading competitors to the germans…. and all we have is to blame…. there needs a bit of optimism in every pessimistic approach – which can turn things great….

      Lets make India & Indian Manufacturers feel us more premium by feeling Optimistic…. Mr Ranjith Sukumaran… Hope you agree -!

      • dev

        very correct nk and who buys a vehicle to drive for 3k kilometers and sell it .. seems mr sukumaran is a wealthy man and his priority is resale rather than purpose

    • jack

      hope u r a loser….. i use mahindra xuv i don have any prob with service or anything from their side…. mahindra is the best

    • santhosh selvam

      Pease dont give your opinions about any bike without analysing the bikes properly..Mahindra done lots of efforts on pantero.My friend is having pantero. I ride manytimes. I will tell the pros: 1) good average mileage – 60 to 65 kmpl 2) good stability 3) comfortable shock absorber 4) nice roaring yet smooth engine 5) easy to cut through the traffic (since slim bike) 6) nice style with LED pilot lamp..
      Cons: 1) narrow seat 2) engine roars little higher after 55 km speed..3) Height is little higher..
      But people have wrong opinion about pantero since it resembles stallio.. Real truth is pantero is a decent bike and comparable with others..

  • yash tatke

    Mahindra centuro gets over 10,000 booking in just 18days. Mahindra Centuro – Came late but came stronger. congrates !

  • Krishna kant

    I like your reviews very much. reviews are very helpful to remove confusions and to know more about the product. I like to go for centuro. good mileage and under my budget. thank you.

  • Mohan c b

    Honda Dream Neo milage is better than mahindra centuro, in city conditions by nearly 10kms!. Checked on the net, 60kms for mahindra centuro and nearly 70 for honda neo. For 5k diffrence, i would opt for daily saving on fuel by Choosing Honda Neo/

    • dev

      practical mileage of all 100 cc bikes is same which is near 60-65 kmph

      • santhosh selvam

        You are perfectly right dev.. Hats off to your bold truth..:)

    • santhosh selvam

      Dude, any bike with 105 kg weight & small wheel can give good mileage not only honda.. See Mahindra centuro with 120 kg weight & greater wheel base gives comparable mileage ( 68- 70 kmpl for centuro & 72 – 74 kmpl for neo). There is no significant difference in mileage.. centuro with 120 kg & greater wheel base gives more stability & comfort compared to neo..

    • chaitanya

      Absolutely.. Neo is the best in mileage

  • Samir

    WE see all comments i am definately purchase Mahindra Centuro asap. Bikes look and performance excellent. Very good Mahindra Rise Keep it up

    • chaitanya

      Nope it is a waste of money

  • samardeep singh

    beautiful way to present an article i dont know abt the bikes but i love the article ….. hats off to your writing skills

  • rajan

    Thanks for your valuable comments. such a nice article. thanks to the person who really shared such a valuable points.

    Finally i decided to by NEO without any confussion.

    I heard that the Mileage is good.

    • chaitanya

      Yes Honda neo is perfect bike.. It’s a No-frills bike like splendor which everyone loves and easy to repair

  • abhishek

    hii sir
    I had already booked Mahindra centuro . but still confused between Bajaj discover 100 T and Mahindra . lookwise both seems great and both are milage efficient bike

    • satish

      Hi,My Brother has Discover but he suggest me to go for mahindra centuro.centuro has many new cool features which are not available in other bikes.

    • mayil

      i am also same feel mr.abhi. now i am booking in mahindra centuro and put the money in my country.

      • dude_creative

        If you want to put money in our country go to Indian bank

    • Hardeep singh

      bajaj discover has only one quality that is mileage but the engine is very light. not much power and if u r young guy then within one year u have to repair ur engine.

    • Ramesh Jalla

      Go for Mahindra Centuro no problem. It’s not a new company for Automobiles. Mahindra Jeep, Tractor, XUV…… etc already leads the industry.

    • nagaraj

      dont purchase bajaj; its dabba, i have one with me its uselesss

  • rafeeq khan

    Good One….

  • rafeeq khan

    mahindra centuro is the Best Bike…

  • mayil

    thank you for your opinion.

  • Samir

    East or West Mahindra Centuro is the Best.

  • Rahul Parmar

    mahindra bike features end best mileg

    • chaitanya

      lol no

  • Sandy

    I did go thru all of this.. 5 Year warranty!! aahhhh.. guys don’t go by the promise… 5 yrs includes 2 year for the bike engine and next 3 years for the body parts… Mahindra sales rep declared and depicted this to me… !! anyone who sees 5 yrs gets amazed and makes a choice!!! think n decide …in these 5 years you can get 6 bike services!! and the remote tracking or locking system is from Ducati and if in case u lost the key, the duplicate key will cost you 1500 Rs/INR.

    • chaitanya

      Mahindra won’t even produce centuro 2 years later.. ROFL

  • jose

    Appreciable comparison. Cleared many confusions. Centuro is value, styling and features for money. I wil be going for Centuro.

  • jai0

    Mahindra rodeo promises 60 + km/l ,but giving 35 km/l. Can u belive that 85km/l mileage for Mahindra centuro ?

  • kushal8888

    I’d booked mahindra centuro two days back i heard from some of reviews that after first service mileage reduces from 70 to 50 now i am confused what to do? more over there is a big question about the self life of this bike

    Please suggest what to do?

  • K Basak

    Dear Sharmaji,
    You didn’t compare the type of tyres of these two bikes. Is there any difference ?

  • Ajit

    nice comparison! Mahindra has done some good work on the bike & the efforts are clearly visible! Hero being a know brand in the 2-wheeler segment, still doesn’t seem to have any added features!

  • jay

    hey please give me details of milage this bike gives because in other review i read this byk gives only 45 knpl after first service

    • Ankit

      the mileage is very good! bought this bike a month ago. havent faced any problems yet!

  • Rajeshkumar

    Please dont waste money by buying this bike. My friend bought this bike 2months before. Now he reselling it for 40000, But no one is ready to buy this bike. Go for Discover 100 T or Honda Dream Yuga.Centuro is worst bike I never seen. Even I too done test drive. Sure it will get expiry in 1 or 2 years. See my many message as posted below.

  • Ankit

    nice review, centuro seems to be the best creation by Mahindra & better suited for Indian roads…

  • Amit Kolambikar

    How is the Centuro doing now for you ? I am thinking to buy it this week..please suggest ASAP

  • Ramesh Jalla

    After gone through the above information…. I came to know he is not looking for buy the bike. I guess no person cross checks the bikes by going long rides.

    Surely i could say he is the person who supports Honda Dream Yuga. Don’t believe fake stories that his wife put the conditions.

    Now read from first para you can came to know why would i specified like this.

    • aarav

      Hi Ramesh, Generation changed a lot. I have centuro bike n my wife love to ride this bike. she is 30 years old n till now she tried more than 11 bikes. she learnt bike and car before me. Smarts Wife.

  • santhosh selvam

    Dear friends,
    There is no such one common best bike for all.. Analyse each bikes with empty mind and see the pros and cons.. Choose the one with pros which coincide with your wish & purpose..
    Never get into this trap of re-sale value theory.. It is we who are creating re-sale value for our bike.. Choose after you thoroughly analyse bike with your own mind and get it. Never think of selling it..Learn to accept the pros and cons of our choice and live stable with what we choose..
    Rest is in your hands.. All the best.. Rock with your own identity and live freely, uniquely..

  • santhosh selvam

    One request friends.. Do the comparison between different brand vehicles.. But dont under estimate and give up our Indian brands over foreign brands..

    • chaitanya

      Mahindra is good for jeep only. They will run out of two wheeler market and unreliable

  • Alok

    When Mahindra came with centuro bike, all brands started fighting for there position in the market. centuro is the best Indian bike.

  • arun

    centuro only giving about 40 kmpl.bad bike

  • arun

    centuro is crap mileage only around 40 kmpl what to do

    • dude_creative

      go for neo , consistent above 60kmpl

  • Chandan Banerjee

    bought Mahindra Centuro about 9 months back. It has unique features like
    central locking anti-theft system and find me lamps. Affordable bike with
    good mileage.

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