2017 Nissan Terrano facelift first drive review

Rishaad Mody  /
18 May 2017 16:37:16 IST

Nissan’s Terrano has been around unchanged for a few years now, and an update was strongly needed thanks to fresh rivals like the Hyundai Creta and recently updated platform sibling, the Renault Duster. Looking at it from the outside, you’d be hard pressed to identify that this is the updated car. Aside from a new emblem below the fresh, electrically foldable mirrors with integrated turn signals, the Terrano is exactly the same as before.

2017 Nissan Terrano (20)

2017 Nissan Terrano (6)

However, once you open the doors, you’ll see where a majority of the change has taken place. The first difference you’ll identify is the new black/chocolate brown interior colour scheme. Whether you like it or not is a personal thing, but this colour scheme will definitely hide dirt and grime better than the usual bevy of beiges. The focal point of the cabin lies in the new 7-inch touchscreen infotainment display. The unit is relatively simple and easy to use thanks to large icons. However, closer inspection will reveal it’s not the highest resolution display out there.

2017 Nissan Terrano (21)

2017 Nissan Terrano (5)

2017 Nissan Terrano (3)

The remaining changes in the cabin include a new retractable armrest for the driver, steering-mounted audio controls and the addition of cruise control. The single, centrally mounted rear aircon vent has been replaced for a cupholder, and there’s a new soft-touch insert in the door pad. It’s a nice touch, but I’d have preferred if Nissan had added the soft material to hard plastic section where the elbow tends to rest.

2017 Nissan Terrano (13)

2017 Nissan Terrano (10)

Mechanically, the Terrano continues unchanged. In this top XV Premium dCi trim that means a 1.5-litre diesel good for 110PS/200Nm. While this version comes with a 6-speed manual, you can also option an AMT gearbox. There’s also a lower-spec 85PS version of the same engine with a 5-speed gearbox. If you want petrol power, Nissan also offers a 1.6-litre petrol engine with a manual transmission. However, if you want the all-wheel-drive diesel or petrol automatic, you’ll have to look at the Renault Duster.

2017 Nissan Terrano (16)

2017 Nissan Terrano (19)

The driving experience is the same as before, with strong performance from the diesel engine and exceptional ride quality from the suspension. The Terrano continues to offer a more rugged feel than its more road-biased rivals and makes for a fantastic choice if you regularly commute over poor roads. At Rs 17.4 lakh (on-road Mumbai), the Terrano comes at a Rs 1 lakh premium over the equivalent Renault Duster - the price to pay if you’re not a fan of the Duster’s looks.

Photography: Anis Shaikh

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