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Comparo: Renault Duster vs Nissan Terrano


So what is the difference between the two SUVs, you might ask? Read on:


The Renault Duster made a huge impact in the Indian market when it was launched. It opened up a whole new segment of premium but affordable urban SUVs with a fair bit of off-road ability. Before the Duster, Nissan was always the first to introduce a product after which the French company would rework the styling and sell it as a rebadged Renault. This time, it was Nissan’s turn (with the Terrano) to rework a Renault product and it rebadged the Duster. So what is the difference between the two SUVs, you might ask? Read on:


Duster vs Terrano

Renault Duster and Nissan Terrano are the same, yet quite different


The best description for the Duster’s styling is overtly muscular. Right from the stout face to the oversized wheel arches to the strong looking rear end, this is a compact SUV that looks like it’s been reared on a steady diet of anabolic steroids. The car looks brawny and ready for a fight but considerable use of chrome sobers down the aggression a bit.


Nissan has done an excellent job of making the Terrano look more than just a hacked facelift, and the SUV does a good job of carrying the de rigueur Nissan SUV look. Every panel on the body is new except for the roof and rear quarter panel. That three segment grille with the thin and angular headlamps echoes the design of bigger SUVs like the iconic patrol. The angular theme continues at the back with smart and fully functional tail lamps. The side profile is most reminiscent of the Duster but even here the doors have been redesigned while the B and C pillars get a blacked out treatment.



The Duster’s interiors echo the rounded theme of the exteriors with circular airvents and rounded off edges around the centre console. The cabin is spacious, but the driver’s seat has a tendency to rock back and forth slightly under braking. The mock wood finish on the central arm rests look a little tacky but build quality on the inside is up to par.



At first the interiors look very similar but a closer look shows a refreshed centre console and there’s a new audio system with better feeling buttons. The centre air vents are now more rectangular and trimmed with some chrome garnish. There’s also a new closable stowage area above the air vents. The faux wood on the door trim gets a darker grey shade and looks much classier. The steering wheel is new but very similar in feel and there are no steering mounted audio controls on offer. Besides that everything, from the seats to the rear aircon vents, is the same.



The Duster comes with the choice of a 1.6-litre petrol engine and a 1.5-litre diesel. The petrol produces 104PS while the diesel gives you two power output options — 85PS/200Nm and 110PS/248Nm. The engine produces great torque with minimal lag while the 110PS is mated to a six speed transmission. The top end diesel is also very efficient, returning an overall figure of 15.9kmpl.

Ride quality is the Duster’s forte and it handles our poor roads with ease. While there is body roll, it is contained very well and the Duster is a surprisingly able handler. The electronic steering does have a tendency to snap back if the car hits a bump mid-corner which can reduce the fun factor a little bit. The Duster’s engine might be good on efficiency and power but it does sound quite clattery. NVH levels on the inside, though, are quite reasonable.



We felt the Terrano had very good NVH and there was a big reduction in noise when we shut the doors. That could be down to the fact that the doors have been redesigned and feature better noise dampening.

Dealer network and prices

Nissan lists 96 dealers and service centres on their website, while Renault lists 122 dealerships and service centres on their website. The Duster price range starts at Rs 7.69 lakh and goes up to Rs 11.49 lakh. We expect Nissan to price the Terrano about Rs 50-70,000 more than the corresponding Duster model.

So which one

The Terrano will definitely appeal to someone who’s looking for a compact SUV but finds the Duster’s design a little too common. The Terrano is a good-looking SUV, but we’ve no objection to the Duster’s styling whatsoever. The Terrano doesn’t give you any added features over the Duster despite the extra dough. So prima facie, the Duster comes out trumps, but only a more exhaustive on-road comparison (and price information) will finally settle the matter.

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  • Pravin

    Both are same according to me.. Infact Duster with a price advantage is a slightly better option than a Terrano… Both of them are clearly less exciting than the Ecosport…. a car with a price advantage of close 4 lacs on road!! Ecosport leads all the way….

    • Abhijit

      My dear pravin, take a test drive of the duster. It is appalling in terms of ergonomics. A vehicle to address this serious problem – voilà you have the terrano.
      Very good idea and well executed as far as I can see.
      Personally I don’t like the Ecosport. So I am eagerly waiting for the terrano.

      • DUSTY

        My dear pravin, first see the car before u speak, terrano has the same poor ergonomics as the duster.The electric adjustment switch is still under the hand brake lever and more.
        Duster will surely win againt terrano for its price advantage.

  • Govind Raval

    Both shares Micrs’s DCi engines. Whats new in this??? Nissan should have introduced of other unique model, Why it copied Duster and increased pricetag??? who bevkoof will buy same car at higher price…??
    big question

    • avr

      same people who will buy pulse over Micra, Scala over sunny! there is always a market for good products. don’t think it is a bad move and as mentioned in the article “The Terrano will definitely appeal to someone who’s looking for a compact SUV but finds the Duster’s design a little too common.” and many people find duster not so attractive and now they have an option.

    • Mahesh Murali

      nissan may fetch better resale value.

    • Anil

      Your absolute right…

  • Faizal Kazi

    These auto companies are overpricing their SUVs because SUVs have aspirational values in the minds of the people in India. Duster, Terranno, CRV, Scorpio and now even Ecosport (after price increase) have become money spinning machines for the respective auto companies. They are literally cheating us. Duster 110 top-end costs 15 Lacs on-road in Mumbai. Its ridiculous. Even a decade old bumpy Scorpy VLX costs the same. With the Indian economy on a slowdown, the coming months will be challenging to all these companies who are fleecing their customers. The prices will be corrected only when Maruti steps in with their SUV range. I hope the day comes soon.

    • jeherul

      Well said faizal…..all these car are really overpriced

    • Samir Chauhan

      soon Maruti is coming with the trump card. the compaq Vitara YBA, the game changer in SUV/MUV/MINI SUV segment. lets hope for the best.

  • Sachin

    Both are almost same. But i think terrano will also catch buyers for it like duster.
    And ECOSPORT such a foolish car from inside. Exterior looks are awesome but interior is third class and disgusting.
    Terrano seems to be a good car and also have a dashing new looks.

  • Ehsan

    Agreed.. Hope maruti xa alpha is launched soon..

  • Binu Varkey

    The Real Fact is that Both Vehicle are having Renault Components and the Service of Renault is better and cheaper. Nissan dealers are looting customers, in all aspects. In order to make the dealerships profitable, they are extracting the maximum from the customers by charging exorbitantly. As per Renault the painting charges for a Pulse Door is only Rs.3500/- while for Nissan Micra it is Rs.4800/-. If the door skin is damaged Renault replaces skin while Nissan replaces the complete door. It is better to go in for Renault vehicles as it will not bankrupt you.

    • Harish shetty

      Hi I agree what u say.

  • Aejaz Khan

    Same car should have same price
    I don’t think that Nissan can pocket more money from Indians, like New Micra v/s Amaze & Swift.
    To sell in quantity competitive price with added benefits is a must in India.
    I have to buy either a Duster or Terrano based on price & benefits.
    Thnx : Aejaz Khan

    • sam

      I dont understand why 2 companies should make same products…. Why cant they make something different?

  • Siddharth

    I have seen Terrano on display. It does not deserve a price rise of 50-70,000/- over duster just for a bit better looks. In fact certain features are better in Duster like Audio Controls on the steering and new Duster is now coming with touch screen music system with in built GPS. Nissan has to price Terrano properly if they want it to be a success.

  • Ayush Sharma

    both have same metal body, only plastic components like grill, bumper, tail lights, headlights, have been changed, just like scala and sunny, both have same metal body design, identical curves, only difference is the grill, bumper, etc.{other cheap parts only}

    Interior wise, it is expected to be much like duster, maybe cabin more filled(if its priced above duster)

    • Vikas

      i totally agree with you

  • saurabh Singh

    Why these two brand is copying each other style
    Wat they wanna prove

    • RyanF1

      They’re not copying each other. Renault and Nissan are in a partnership. Consider them one brand.

    • Anurag

      Badge engineering – is the correct term here. Rebadging is common among car manufacturing partners.

  • Ganesh

    its funny how no one knows that duster itself is from a romanian car company – called as “dacia duster”, which in itself is a low end car company bought by renault that has rebadged it to renault duster with literally no changes and yet charged a premium. now you have the same car as nissan terrano, and yet you have bunch of fools buying either of it. enuf said for the consumer sentiment.

    • Rico

      That ………..and the Dacia is NOT marketed as a “Renault” in Europe or the US or any other market other than in India Brasil Iran an Russia & South Africa

  • sri

    Guyzz bfore talking abt duster n terrano jst go to both the showroom n get the details of it , y thr price of terrano Is slightly high than duster means the suppension in terrano is a new model wich are used oly In bmw n audi carz , the eengine space is gud compared to duster , in case of ny accident the engine has no chance to get hurt bcoz there is a lot of gap bw th bannet n engine , in terrano the first model starts at 9.62 lacs in Bangalore n dat first model is loaded wid air bags to th driver seat n wid ABS , wer as in duster no such features in first model , I feel terrano is quite better than duster , the price is high bcoz it contains features lik dat

  • man120

    Duster has a very visible Turbolag … and Renault has to seriously work on that… after driving both Duster and Terrano, my choice is the Terrano anyday !

  • man120

    Duster has a very noticeable Turbolag … and Renault has to seriously work on that… after driving both Duster and Terrano, my choice is the Terrano anyday !

  • Hari OM Prakash

    I purchase renalt duster 85 ph diesel at Patna many reason for purchasing. But when I purchase duster. Whithin 2 days it remove our dust in life quickly. I am thankful to renault & I hope you believe in my words and purchase duster. One record last month show room sale 120 duster record sale. ………”Enjoy duster for remove dust in own life”. I say truth believe it or not it’s your choice.

  • Harish shetty

    Maruthi s-cross it’s not a crossover but for sure its a hach back from rear direction, 1.6 Alfa over priced,it doesn’t stand up in a race with other competitor,,
    1.6 alfa top end price u can buy innova 2.5 G, Duster or Terrano will be the better choice for our road, Evan creta is more compact no leg room for back seat passenger.

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