Mumbai to Kolkata Part 2: EcoSport TDCI vs Enjoy TCDi LTZ

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11 Oct 2013 17:24:36 IST

We drove four similarly priced diesel cars from Mumbai to Kolkata â€" the 2013 Ford Ecosport, Honda Amaze, Chevrolet Enjoy and Mahindra Verito Vibe. The long drive gave us ample time and opportunity to review and compare these cars, basically push them to the limit, throw them into corners and turn them upside down. The idea was to compare the new Ford Ecosport with its market competitors. We present you the second of our four-part series [Click here for part 1: Ecosport vs Amaze], which includes the Ecosport going head-to-head with the three challengers and the magnum opus, a four-way showdown that concludes in Kolkata.

Part 2: EcoSport TDCI vs Enjoy TCDi

There are two areas where the Enjoy scores over the EcoSport â€" ride quality and space, and it does so by a big margin. No matter how good or bad the road surface, the Enjoy manages to transport its occupants in more comfort than the Ford. We would even say that the Chevy MPV is one of the most affordable ways to ferry seven over a long journey in reasonable comfort. The powerful air conditioning with rear AC vents only adds to the comfort.

2013 Ford EcoSport TDCI vs Chevrolet Enjoy LTZ TCDI - src=2013 Ford EcoSport TDCI vs Chevrolet Enjoy LTZ TCDi

From here on it's all downhill for the Enjoy. It has softer, vaguer and more tedious controls compared to the Ford; the 1.3 Multijet diesel isn't very responsive, quiet or refined on the Enjoy; and the engine isn't exactly very efficient either. Compared to the EcoSport's 16.1kmpl, the Enjoy could only manage 13.5kmpl over the duration of our drive.


But it's the handling department where the Enjoy completely loses the plot compared to the Ford. The biggest let down here is the Enjoy's 175/60 section 14in rubber. The tyres offer very little grip. As a result, the ABS kicks in at the slightest change in road surface when braking, and the rear spins up easily when driving in the wet. It's not as well-balanced going into corners either, and there's more body roll to be dealt with too. However the driving experience at slow to normal speeds is not bad at all. The Enjoy may not be out right powerful but it has a very driveable nature. There's a strong bottom and mid range which makes the car easy to drive. The softly sprung clutch only helps matters. A short front overhang and good visibility makes it easy punt around in traffic despite the long dimensions.

Ford EcoSport diesel rear badging

2013 Ford EcoSport in India diesel engine2013 Ford EcoSport in India diesel engine

Ford EcoSport interiorsFord EcoSport interiors

The EcoSport does offer better ergonomics and a better driving position thanks to proper height and reach adjustability on both the seat and the wheel, and well-bolstered seats that ensconce you well. The Enjoy can't match the Ford's quality of materials and doesn't offer the Ford's features like Bluetooth connectivity and climate control The Ecosport responds better to driver inputs and remains predictable in its responses throughout. The EcoSport's engine is also more linear in its power delivery and it has much better gear shift quality. The shifts on the Enjoy, on the other hand, are long and vague. And after a day's driving, tiring as well. The Enjoy, however, excels at what it was always meant to do â€" provide affordable and comfortable people transportation.

Ford EcoSport 2013

Price (Delhi)
  • Rs. 10.2 Lakhs Ex-Showroom
  • Rs. 12.14 Lakhs On Road
  • TDCi Model
  • 1498cc Displacement
  • 22.67Kmpl Overall
  • Manual

Chevrolet Enjoy 2013

Price (Delhi)
  • Rs. 8.63 Lakhs Ex-Showroom
  • Rs. 9.97 Lakhs On Road
  • Smartech Model
  • 1248cc Displacement
  • 18.2Kmpl Overall
  • Manual

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