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There's much to look forward to this April as the winds of winter make way for the dreams of spring. And this month, we celebrate that with a song of ice and fire - Vaishali takes the Polaris RZR to a frozen Swedish landscape while Halley conquers the desert in the ATV at the Desert Rally and emerges victorious.

Bert's snowscapade in the Audi S5 Sportback reaffirms his authority as the true whitewalker here at OVERDRIVE. At home, Lijo gets his hands on the B-Class to see if it can retain the iron throne with an all-new makeover. Four stark nakeds - the Benelli 899 TNT, Kawasaki Z1000, Kawasaki Z800 and the Triumph Street Triple - star in a dance of dragons (not a comparo) but Shumi will bestow the title of The Maaaaad King upon only one. But fire cannot kill a dragon - something that Alan observes while riding the KTM Superduke R. And after riding the Harley-Davidson Project Livewire, Alan learns electric can have just as much (or maybe even more) dracarys as a petrol, when built by able hands. But if you want to be able to always pay your debts, an ably frugal bike should be your best bet - Alan tests the Bajaj Platina ES to find out if its economy claims are any good. And if 'family, duty, honour' is your priority, then follow Halley as he pits the reigning MPV, the Toyota Innova against the Renault Lodgy to help you pick the best.

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More interesting things from beyond the wall are awaited, says Rishaad after driving the Mercedes-AMG C 63 S which turns out to be a feast for pros. And then Rohit finds out if the diesel-powered Skoda Octavia RS is the fury it is claimed to be. Jamshed goes on a quest to figure out if Volvo's safety tech is enough to fortify the XC90 like the eyrie itself. Technology seems to dominate in the Audi TT too, where Rishaad is delighted to find all the pleasures of driving, at the touch of a little finger.

We'd like to reclaim the title of Purple Wedding and confer it upon the grand nuptials graced by three German giants - the Audi Q7, the BMW X5 and the Merc GL - and the Brit Range Rover Sport along with Bob Rupani and team. Speaking of elite unions, the newest SUV-hatchback marriage, the Hyundai i20 Active gets Bob to rethink the crossover segment and its merits.

Hear us roar and rave about the machines and the stories they tell. It's what keeps the fire and blood pumping in our veins. And in your veins too, we hope. Go ahead and find it all in the April 2015 issue of OVERDRIVE - it's out on stands now.

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