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This month we got our hands on Merc's latest launch in India, the CLA. Will the new entry level luxury sedan from the top luxury brand in India manage to bring it to a segment currently ruled by the Audi A3? Flip to our drive story on page 58 of the February issue of OVERDRIVE to find out. And, across the seas, we've driven the very butch, very masculine AMG GT S (page 64) on a racetrack that gives new meaning to the word 'corkscrew'.

Speaking of vocabulary lessons, our Harley-Davidson Breakout ride gave us an excuse to use the word 'gargantuan' on page 133. . . so rarely have an opportunity to use it in a sentence. And it's even rarer to get an opportunity to drive a road car like the Audi A3 across a racetrack. We were so thrilled about it, we covered lap after lap for 24 hours and crossed 2,000km (page 106). Yes, we did it all Le Mans-style and even set a new record despite the ominous, misspelled signs at Kari Motor Speedway that said, Motorsport can be dangerous."

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You see, since we're OVERDRIVE, nearly all our quests are an exercise in excesses. Which is why for our search for a cup of coffee at a MotoCafe, we carved the route from Mumbai to Nashik on three cafe racers (page 148). Apart from heavy doses of caffeine, we stumbled upon mild winter right outside Mumbai, while our folks at Iceland dealt with no-so-mild winter, where they drove a wintry grey Land Rover Discovery Sport across the gorgeous winter wonderland. All this, of course, makes for a great spread on page 74.

And while the chills and icy landscapes make for great pictures, our appetite for hot, racy rides is never sated - there's a firecracker of an Abarth 595 with sting on page 90 and a quick and dirty encounter with an all-new Lamborghini Huracan on page 120. And it gets better with the Scrambler (page 125) which right now is the only dirty Ducati we know of. We've also ridden the only 600cc supersport bike you can dream of getting in India, the Triumph Daytona (page 137).

And of course this issue is also packed with nail-bitingly close comparisons - the new 160cc Unicorn battles with everyone's current favourite, the Suzuki Gixxer on page 142, while the new Datsun Go+ takes on the Honda Mobilio and the Maruti Suzuki Ertiga on page 98. Meanwhile Audi's oil-burning flagship, the A8 L 60 TDI (page 96) and the KTM RC 200 (page 140) undergo the ultimate OVERDRIVE road test.

It's a great 240 pages worth of motor-magic out on stands now. Go pick it up.

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