First Look: MG Motor Hector SUV | Features, Specifications, Launch date and Price

Team Overdrive  | Updated: January 10, 2019, 06:38 PM IST


MG Motor India has revealed the official name of its first-ever SUV, the Hector. In addition to the name announcement, MG Motor India has also released a video of the MG Hector SUV being tested in extreme cold conditions at an elevation of 6,725 feet at Kyelang in Spiti. The MG Hector SUV is shown being driven on twisty roads in a snow-clad region. While the overall details of the MG Hector SUV are not shown clearly except for a sleek LED indicator that might double up as the DRLs, similar to what we have seen on the Tata Harrier SUV. The other bits that can be seen in the video is the availability of the ABS, traction control and also tyre pressure monitoring system. Additionally, MG Motor India has confirmed that the Hector SUV will launch in June 2019.


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