Harley-Davidson Flat Track Experience

Team Overdrive  | Updated: June 29, 2018, 03:06 PM IST


Harley-Davidson India invited 11-time flat track champion Marco Belli, who now runs a school in Varese, Italy called Di Traverso, to teach Indian journalists the basics of riding a flat track. The event was hosted at Rajputana Customs' John Singh Speedway near Jaipur recently. Shumi went in as a student to learn an art that is entirely alien to road-going motorcyclists. Flat track motorcycles have no front brake and the essence of the sport is to use the throttle and your body to control speed as you race around a oval course - two corners and two straights. It's the simplicity of the sport and the emphasis on skill that makes flat track such a visceral experience and such a huge thrill when you get it right.


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