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FICCI working on road map for sustainable mobility in India. Joins hands with PPMC at Movin'On Conference in Montreal

Shubhabrata Marmar  | Updated: May 31, 2018, 06:36 PM IST

India's industry body, FICCI, or Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry took another step towards the creation of a road map for India to move to a decarbonised future. FICCI says this road map will be created by non-state actors and will be presented to the Government. At the Movin'On Conference in Montreal, organised by French tyre maker Michelin, FICCI hosted a round table for the road map. The round table began with the signing of an agreement between the FICCI and the Paris Process on Mobility and Climate (PPMC). Together, the PPMC's eight-sector plan for decarbonisation and FICCI's intention to have a sustainability road map will meld together for create a plan for India that takes into account our specific context, requirements and specifics. The collaboration aggreement will create an open platform for the transport sector in the COP 21 Lima Paris action agenda.

The multi-national participants for the FICCI round table on India's road map for sustainable mobility at Movin'On by Michelin at Montreal

The Movin'On Conference is a Michelin event that brings together future-oriented technologies, firms, organisations and more to talk about what is a difficult time for our planet. At the 2018 edition, in fact, Michelin announced that by 2048, the tyre company would have taken a significant step towards being vastly more eco-friendly. 

Signing for PPMC was co-founder Patrick Oliva who reiterated that a lot of effort was being put in my governments as well as the private sector to get the transport sector to zero emissions everywhere. He particularly noted Morocco - also a FICCI partner - as having recently created their road map with support from the PPMC, just like the India now intends to.

Rita Roy Choudhury, assistant secretary general, FICCI and Patrick Olivia, co -founder, Paris Process on Mobility and Climate (PPMC) sign the aggreement for India's sustainable mobility road map at Movin'On, a conference organised my Michelin in Montreal, Canada

Rita Roy Choudhury, assistant Secretary General , FICCI explains that the India road map will attempt to create a set of guidelines that attacks the problem the getting to zero emissions starting from the bottom up. The plan will dovetail into the 2020 global agenda on sustainable development and the Paris Agreement on climate change. She further outlined the conclusion from previous workshops that for India, carefully designing the transition of the railways to a decarbonised future would be crucial.

The multi-national participants for the FICCI round table on India's road map for sustainable mobility at Movin'On by Michelin at Montreal

Choudhury also noted that many stakeholders already think that 2050 was too far a deadline and more concrete plans needs to be designed with a more realistic date - 2035. And she also noted that the these meetings also declared that a fully zero emission future looks difficult for India on these timelines and the new title for the road map suggested was a "Low Carbon Trajectory for Transport Sector" in India.


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