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Upcoming motorcycles for India in spy images

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04 Aug 2016 14:38:17 IST

The Internet is full of spy shots of upcoming motorcycles. A majority of them are headed our way. While you can read all about them in each of the separate links given below, you can find all about these motorcycles right here in one spot. Scroll down to read more.

Bajaj CS400

The Bajaj CS400 is so close to being launched that the spy shots don't really matter. We've seen the prototype from the 2016 Auto Expo, and we liked the look and promise of the motorcycle. And it wasn't about the cool details like the all-LED headlight for us. It was about the promise of a fast, effortless highway machine.

bajaj-cs400-spy-shot_827x510_81464006495Image source: powershifters.in

The fast comes from the 375cc engine that will share bases with the KTM 390 Duke's engine. We expect a different state of tune that emphasises the torque and cruising ability and brings more economy to the motorcycle. Given the Mojo is able to extract a handy 32Nm from its 300cc engine, we expect the Bajaj CS400 to hit a similar figure or higher. The CS' lightweight " a recent Bajaj trend " should make for thrilling performance. A 6-speed transmission is all but guaranteed, as is dual-channel ABS.

To keep prices in check, Bajaj will go with itsusual pressed-steel spar frame, conventional suspension and other more cost-effective componentry.

Available: August 2016
Coming to India: Yes
Price: Rs 1.7 lakh ex-showroom, our estimate

2017 KTM 390 Duke

The new KTM 390 Duke is increasingly shaping up to be a sharper, perhaps faster version of the motorcycle we love for its blend of price and performance. The chatter and the spy shots suggest that the motorcycle will have a slightly more powerful engine and skimpier bodywork.

KTM-390-Duke-ABS-Side-68985 (1)Image source: motorcyclenews.com

Most people didn't notice the bolt-on rear subframe which is good news. First, it's easier to replace if needed after a crash, and second, it makes the platform a bit more versatile.

Also new arethe all-LED headlight and the new instruments that appear to be mounted on the handlebar. Later spy shots also reveal a change in the wheel design, the engine cowl, brakes, rear bodywork, and a completely new hanger for the indicators and the tail light.

Inside the engine, we expect to see sweeping changes as engendered by the need-to-meet, the tight Euro-IV norms including ride-by-wire. There is some talk that the by-wire bikes might be too expensive for India and for the first time there might be a significant bifurcation what's made for us and what is exported.

As usual, there will be a line of three Dukes, 125, 200 and 390 of which the smallest one isn't expected to go on sale in India.

Available: March-July 2017, estimated
Coming to India: Yes. It is made here too!
Price: Minor rise in price, so 390 Duke should be Rs 2.5 lakh ex-showroom, our estimate

Husqvarna Vitpilen 401

As we have reported earlier, KTM CEO and Husqvarna owner, Stefan Pierer, had confirmed that the Husqvarna 401s, the Duke 390-based Vit- and Svartpilens would be made by Bajaj Auto in Chakan.

BMW-3-730x487Image source: cyclenews.com

Husqvarna is in the midst of a re-invention that takes them back to where they started " as makers of simple, hardy motorcycles. The Vitpilen and the Svartpilen take an appealingly direct and futuristic look at role templates we know well today. The promise of a different look and feel while based on the abundantly powerful 375cc single is very cool indeed.
New reports suggest that Bajaj could position the Husqvarnas above the KTMs in pricing and premium-ness. This is an interesting perspective, and it makes complete sense given how competitive the KTM pricing is in India.

What we are also hoping for is for Husqvarnas to offer us derivatives designed to handle light off-road duties as well in time.

Available: Early 2017
Coming to India: Yes. To be made inChakan
Price: Rs 2.8-3.0 lakh. Our very vague estimates

KTM 890 Duke

We reported just over two years ago that KTM was working on new 500cc and 800cc twin-cylinder platforms that could be manufactured out of India. It now appears that the 500 platform was eventually shelved. And the 800cc platform is now powered by an all-new parallel twin-cylinder engine seen on the 890 ( We are not sure if the name would be the 800 or 890, we are leaning towards the latter) ) Duke prototypes caughttesting.

021916-spy-photos-2017-ktm-890-duke-05-584x389Image source: motorcyclenews.com

The test mules appear to wear a whole slew of KTM 690 Duke chassis parts including the entire swingarm. Also remarkable is how compact the engine looks with its stacked gearbox. Also note the wet sump " that unusual for KTM. The bike will almost certainly get advanced electronics and a by-wire throttle. Obviously, the new 890 Duke is expected to kick off a series of motorcycles that use the engine and frame to different purposes.

New stories now suggest that the original plan to make the KTM 890s in India may have been put on hold. If true, this means there is no guarantee when the 890s will go on sale in India.

Available: March 2017
Coming to India: We're praying
Price: If CKD, Rs 7 lakh ex-showroom, our estimates

Triumph Bonneville Bobber & Scrambler

It seems the British company is not quite done with its new Bonneville range. Spy shots show a new Scrambler based on the Street Twin with a lovely high exhaust exiting in two cans. Why would you need one - there is an inspiration kit? Well, this one looks more, er, correct with the spoke wheels and all.

050416-triumph-scrambler-spy-photos-KGP-4Image source: motorcycle.com

The Bobber is unlikely to come to India and appears aimed at Americans who like the hard tail look and the cantilevered single seat. This requires fairly extensive modifications to the frame bit the mules photographed look well along in the development process.

Available: 2017
Coming to India: Very unlikely, both

TVS Akula 310

The TVS Akula 310 spy shots have only just appeared. They show a motorcycle whose fairing closely matches the shape of delectable carbon-fibre number from the 2016 Auto Expo concept. We know that the motorcycle will sport a new trellis-style bolt-on subframe. And the bodywork will be plastic but retain most of the fetching lines of the concept. The engine itself is expected to remain untweaked while TVS uses gearing and ergonomics to create a package that focusses on its role " a sportsbike.

TVS Akula 310 Spied twoImage source:drivespark.com

TVS will manufacture both the BMW G 310 R and the Akula 310 for sale in India and for export. We expect the TVS to follow the BMW into the market by March next year. Expect competitive pricing.

Available: March-April 2017
Coming to India: But of course!
Price: Rs 2-2.2 lakh ex-showroom

2017 Triumph Street Triple

A leaked Triumph customer survey revealed that just like it has done with the Tiger and Bonneville ranges, the Street Triple is expected to diversify as well.

1 (2)Image source: motorcyclenews.com

The 2017 models, which should be at the end of the year, show with their all-new 800cc triple cylinder engines. Triumph is expected to reveal a three or four motorcycle spread that spans the range from a naked street bike to a half-faired tourer. The current Street Triple's engine and behaviour certainly allow this flexibility.

Also expected is that the new motorcycle will be ride by wire and have ABS as well as traction control as standard.We also understand that Triumph will no longer make a lower power version of the Street Triple with the new range, finally ending the reign of the 79PS model that India gets.

Available: End 2017
Coming to India: Yes!
Price: Rs 10-12 lakh covers the range, ex-showroom. Our estimate

2017 Royal Enfield Twin

We've known for quite some time that the publicly-known Royal Enfield new bike projects included the Himalayan and the brand-new twin cylinder of unknown displacement.

Royal Enfield 750 (2)Image source: motorcyclenews.com

Now Motorcycle News has spy shots of the bike. They believe it's a 750cc parallel twin, testing in Spain. The images reveal a carbureted motorcycle that sits on what looks like a modified Continental GT frame and takes the guise of a cafe racer.The new motorcycle is to be the first all-new motorcycle to come from Royal Enfield's new UK R&D facility.

We expect that Royal Enfield is yet to reveal the role and style for the new motorcycle " many expect a cafe racer. And obviously, this will be the first of a series of machines based on this engine.

We believe the carburettors on the motorcycle are not to be taken seriously. The final production motorcycle will be fuel injected " the launch is expected to be too close to or after the tighter emissions requirement force fuel injection. European versions will also have ABS and fuel injection to meet Euro IV.

Available: Late 2017
Coming to India: Yes, but international markets will get it first, we think
Price: Rs 4-5 lakh ex-showroom, our estimates

2016/17 Ducati 939 Supersport/S

The Ducati 939 SuperSport reinvokes a very highly regarded name in Ducati history. The SS-named motorcycles of the '80s and the '90s stayed close to the superbikes of the time in design but intended to offer an easier, cheaper and more relaxed riding experience. The 900SS is considered legendary and intoxicating. The Ducati 939 SuperSport and its higher S variant aim for the same sweet spot. More details will come as the year goes on, but select media were shown a preview at the 2016 World Ducati Week. The 939 SuperSport looks like a Panigale but uses a Monster-based chassis, a tweaked 110-ishPS engine from the 939 Hypermotard, basic but fully adjustable suspension and minimal electronics to offer what promises to be an excellent sport tourer and road bike.

This is one of the spied images of the 939 SuperSport. For more details, visit motorcyclenews.comThis is one of the spied images of the 939 SuperSport. For more details, visit motorcyclenews.com

Available: March 2017, estimated
Coming to India: Yes
Price: Rs 11.5-12.5 ex-showroom, estimated

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