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Supreme Court to levy pollution tax on diesel cars displacing less than 2,000cc in Delhi

17 Dec 2015 / 1

The Supreme Court has now decided to levy a one-time pollution tax on buyers of diesel cars which displace less than 2,000cc in Delhi. The court has fixed a hearing on January 5 to decide on the minimum amount of pollution tax that will be levied.

The bench, headed by Chief Justice TS Thakur, stated that the registration of commercial light duty vehicles would continue because of the “dependence of the public on such vehicles for supply of essentials.” When they banned the registration of diesel vehicles that displaced more than 2,000cc, Toyota hoped to get an exemption for their Innova saying that it was a people’s car. But their hopes were shot down when the Supreme Court saw that the Innova displaced more than 2,000cc.

Maruti Celerio diesel

The court also barred the entry of all trucks entering Delhi to transit to other states and cities. However, it stated that trucks which aren’t more than 10 years old and carrying goods for Delhi would be permitted. But to enter, they would have to pay an environmental compensation cess of Rs 1,400 for light commercial vehicles and Rs 2,600 for larger trucks.

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